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Next Official 'Haunting' To Take Place in Georgia


Remember The Haunting in Connecticut, that horror film memorable only for its frequency of advertising its ectoplasm-puking scene? Well, turns out it did well enough that it's now retroactively part of a The Haunting in [U.S. State] series, which is now a thing. According to THR, Gold Circle Films will soon begin shooting on The Haunting in Georgia, the next chapter in their exhaustive, Sufjan Stevens-esque quest to present state-based hauntings until they stop being profitable. For their documentation of the Peach State's ghost problem, the studio has signed on Chad Michael Murray, Abigail Spencer, Katee Sackhoff, and Emily Alyn Lind to portray the haunteds. Murray will play the "no-nonsense husband," while Spencer and Sackhoff have been cast as the wife and her "wayward sister" (probably tattoos and chain smoking, right?), respectively; Lind is playing the couple's young daughter. All three females are apparently afflicted with "horrifying visions," which I have the feeling will be the result of some southern spectres. How many ectoplasm emissions do they have in store this go? And, more importantly, do we have time for a tour of the Coca-Cola bottling plant?

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