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Jon Favreau Directing Disney's Night at the Magic Kingdom Thing


With more films based on Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion, and a film not-at-all based on the Enchanted Tiki Room, all in various stages of development, Disney has decided they might as well get to work on that Every Fucking Other Disneyland Attraction movie they were talking about, too, and has hired on a director. Variety reports the project--which is basically Night at the Museum in the Magic Kingdom, thereby recapturing all the tourism dollars lost to the Smithsonian after Ben Stiller's last adventure--will be directed by Jon Favreau, who will bring all his crazy-shit-coming-to-life experience from Zathura to a still-unwritten script.

Favreau is currently still finishing up on Cowboys and Aliens for Universal, and then begins work Iron Man 3, but the delay is reportedly welcomed by Disney, as the studio "will take its time with the project as it will need to carefully address how its iconic characters and rides, let alone the overall image of the park, are handled for the bigscreen." Questions like, "Do the spinning tea cups each have distinct personalities, or more of a communal hive mind?" don't answer themselves.

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