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YES: Ouija Board Movie May Have a Director


Peter Berg's in-production Battleship may be the board game movie drawing most of our halfhearted attention lately, but the rest of its unfortunate breed have not been forgotten. Sadly, Hasbro is still trudging forward with its film plans for more of their properties that absolutely have no plots from which to base a film, and the toy company is now reportedly in talks with Pierre Morel to direct that Ouija Board movie. Morel, who made the shockingly-entertaining 2008 action-thriller Taken, initially seems an odd choice to direct what should clearly be a supernatural horror, but then you remember Ouija isn't being sold as a horror film--it's an action-adventure, being compared to both National Treasure and Jumanji. So if the plan is to make an action film with Liam Neeson--who has no issue being in a Hasbro movie--beating skulls in with illustrated wooden trays and shoving planchettes in some dudes' eyes, this actually makes a lot of sense. I mean, it doesn't really, but it does enough.

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