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More People Lining Up To Direct Ouija Board Movie


Not so fast, Pierre Morel: you don't have the highly-coveted position of "Ouija movie director" just yet! The Taken director may be the frontrunner to direct the much-needed spooky-plank film, but the job isn't his. According to Deadline, The Losers and Stomp the Yard director Sylvain White is also on Hasbro's wishlist, as is the director of Legion and Priest, Scott Stewart. The studio is said to be looking to turn the mystery board into a National Treasure-style film somehow, but if they suddenly decide it would be better as a ludicrous action film starring the Ouija board as a religious figure that, personified, looks astonishingly like Paul Bettany, I have a pretty good idea who they're going to choose.

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