Mike Myers Lending Hilarious Accent to CGI Pepe Le Pew


With Yogi's time in the spotlight quickly approaching, you knew there had to be another cartoon character, needlessly given three-dimensions and a celebrity voice, waiting in the wings. But whom??? Pepe Le Pew, everyone! Vulture has news Mike Myers has been signed to voice the amorous skunk in a new film that, of course, blends talking CGI animals and straining live actors into one deliciously family-friendly cocktail. I guess Steve Martin's Pink Panther accent wasn't ridiculous enough for them.

Per usual for the character, the story will follow Pepe and he aggressively attempts romantic pursuit of a painted cat he mistakes for a ladyskunk. Considering how much this genre is already plagued with bizarre over-sexualization, I fully expect the first trailer to be a five-minute long single take of Pepe violently assaulting Penelope Pussycat so graphically it will shame even Gaspar Noé.



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