Oct 19 2010'Biutiful' Trailer: Javier Bardem Wins Best Miserable-Looking Actor


I should have known Babel director Iñárritu's idea of "Biutiful" was gritty melodrama featuring Javier Bardem's strangely-flat yet emotive face projecting a sense of hopelessness that will dominate the rest of my day. But I didn't, and now that's my day. You've been warned.

Man, even when he smiles, it's still somehow, "Well, this is the last smile ever, probably."

Reader Comments

looks pretty emotionally taxing. i'm gonna have to watch atonement repeatedly to get my tolerance level up.

Looks fucking beautiful, especially the shots at 1:45 and 1:48.
I will watch the shit outta this. All of Innaritu's previous films are brilliant.

Javier is a siiiiiiiiiiiick actor and I'm willing to bet if all of Nick Cage's movies were re-made with him in the role instead of Cage all those movies would instantly take a different tone - In short - They would be WAY BETTER than anything Cage has done in his so called career!

i looked at the credits. it has the big three of mexico involved some how. guillermo del toro, alfonso cauron, and of course alejandro gonazales inarritu.

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@1, No sense in boring yourself to death, just skip to the last half hour of the movie and you should be good. Just watch that over and over again. Or try watching something with talent, like...golly, I don't know... Requiem for a Dream perhaps? Sure beats the former.

Can anyone tell me the name of the song played during the second half of this trailer? Or is it music from the movie itself?

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