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Some Slight Updates on What New Godzilla Will Be Like (Like Batman, Obviously)


Earlier this year, Toho president Hideyuki Takai shared with us what a "great honor" it was for him to team up with Legendary Pictures, "the parent to many a blockbuster film," for what would be another attempt at making an American Godzilla film. At the time, it wasn't exactly clear what this new film would be or if it would include Hank Azaria, but a new interview with producer Brian Rogers has cleared up some things. Rogers told Zennie Abraham that, like Roland Emmerich's 1998 film, this 2012 movie will be live-action with a CGI monster but, unlike that piece of shit, it will hew much closer to the Japanese depiction of the character--mostly in that Godzilla will be fighting another big-ass monster or two. Hooray, monster fights! Rogers didn't seem to have much more information to give than that, but being that it's a beloved franchise being rebooted by Legendary, he of course made sure to squeeze in a a favorable comparison to Christopher Nolan's Batman. ALWAYS compare your film to Batman, producers. Kids and adults alike love Batmans!

Here's the interview video, in case you don't trust my words:


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