Sep 29 2010George Lucas Wants To Make Some More Money Off Star Wars, in 3-D


About time for George Lucas to fuck up Star Wars again with some more renovations! After seeing how well 3-D worked for making Avatar a shit-ton of a money, the thick-necked toymaker has decided to do some more unnecessary post-production on his sci-fi epic, with plans to convert the entire series to 3-D. According to a press release obtained by the LA Times, we'll finally see The Star Wars George Lucas Always Intended starting in 2012, beginning with a new The Phantom Menace that will make you feel physically close to Jar Jar Binks. Doesn't that sound good? Lucas will then continue releasing the films each year, in order, so it's going be a while before we get around to any of the decent ones. But I have a feeling he'll manage to tide us over with something he's slapped a Star Wars logo on.

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Jesus Konobi, you'd think the guy would like... I dunno. Retire? Stop?

If he feels like making movies, make original stuff.

He must be hella lazy and only wants to get the money without the work and/or creativity. "Fuck it, just throw out a movie I already made. That'll do it."

I no longer want anything to do with this planet and it's people... good bye.

Hey, where's all the jerky comments go?

Fuck it. I know it's a cheap cash grab, but I still really want to see them in 3D.

This stuff used to piss me off... but then I started working in the industry...

And here's how it goes...

You're working for a couple years, your contract is coming to an end, and around the studio people are starting to wonder what they're going to work on next... no one wants to be unemployed. Panic starts to set in when you realize your mortgage is 5 times what Employment insurance pays...

Then word comes down "Yeah, they wanna do a Star Wars 3D conversion... the contracts for another 3 years as it's all 6 movies..."

And you go "Fuck that's a dumb idea... but YAY!" And you sleep that night knowing it's another 3 years before you're homeless.

Based on a True story.

ON the contrary, he's been talking about converting the movies to 3-D for acouple of years now, prior to the success of Avatar. The current 3-D conversion process was being tested on Star Wars footage like 3 years ago. I dont know where link is, google it

These movies have been released so many times, in so many versions, with so many upgrades and extras that there must be at least 3 copies of them for every human being on Earth! Putting out "extended", "directors cut", etcetera is the easiest cash grab on the planet, and every time the whole world buys them, because they gotta have that one too...


I don't consider extended and director's cuts as being "cash grabs". I thank God there is a director's cut of Blade Runner. I refuse to watch the original. I am also very glad there are extended versions of the LOTR trilogy. The extra scenes fleshed out the stories more, and filled up more holes.

However - you are dead on as far as George Lucas. His original cuts of the first two movies were perfectly okay as is (and this is making allowances for "restoration" of the film and audio).

When he came out with those "new" versions of the first three, IT WAS ALL FUCKING GIMMICKS. There was not ONE single "new" moment that made any of these films better. That scene with Han and Jabba was fucking retarded, and it's painfully obvious why they cut it out of the original (watch it closely - I'm convinced that Ford was drunk off his ass). Plus all the dialogue in that scene was EXACTLY THE SAME exposition in the Cantina. Yeah.. we get it... Han DOESN'T HAVE THE MONEY NOW. Thanks for the reminder. Can you please remind me again in another ten minutes, George?

Disgusting! How can George Lucas degrade the intergity of the Star Wars universe by caving in to the ridiculous 3-D fad that we're currently in? He's a f#cking money wh@re! I'm am absolutely disgusted! Furthermore, how soon can I get tickets?

@ 8

I agree on your commment

"There was not ONE single "new" moment that made any of these films better."


I did like finally seeing the Wompa grubbing on the Tautaun and that whole scene.

Thought it was probably the best addition to the "new edition" trilogy.

I will probably watch them. At least Empire Strikes Back.


I agree and wholeheartedly love Blade Runner. However, the point is that while it is one thing to release ONE extended version and ONE director's cut, to do so repeatedly, ad infinitum, is insulting to the intelligence of the fans by doling out all of these "extra's" in bits and pieces that require them to purchase each one in sequence, lest their friends have a more current version than the one they own. Cash Grab!

So George Lucas REALLY loved the old action/adventure/sci fi movies of the 30's like Flash Gordon and wanted to make his own. Which he did. But to REALLY fulfill his vision of those old movie, you really do need to add a bunch of CGI crap, make a crappy 3-movie back story that completely fraks over the power and awesomeness of the original, and then put the whole mess into 3D! Because that's exactly what movies in the 30's were like...

Crack - its not just for breakfast anymore.

Stop feeding the Troll

If there is something more disgusting than Lucas raping childhoods is all of the people who keep complaining, but still give him money. You are allowing this to continue. The day the money stops is the day George will end this charade.
On the other hand if you really like this friggin crap, then stop complaining, you are fanboys.

If someone had told me in the early 90's there was a LOT more Star Wars coming, I would have been pretty damn excited. If that same person had told me it's more than I'd ever want to see and most of it would be childish garbage, I would not have believed them. Then, they tell me George Lucas has will lose his fucking mind and it was just some brilliant mistake the entire time. I would have called THEM crazy. Now here we are, eyeballs deep in Star Wars and it really sucks.

allow me to comment on the news by quoting episode III:


1992 director's cut or 2007 final cut? i haven't seen it and i want to know which one is better.

i'm also releasing the Star Wars Holiday Special in imax 3D. word to your mothers.

Darth Vader: "-Luke, for like the sixth time now, I am your father."

Luke Skywalker: "Well, no shit. Maybe for a change of pace we can toss a couple of baseballs to take advantage of the 3D?"

Darth Vader: "No, no baseballs. No playing catch. Same movie, no edits, no additions. Han shoots second, and that's how it's going to remain. 3D or not."

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I was perfectly happy with the 1992 cut, but apparently Scott didn't have 100% control over it - even though it was very close to his original vision

The 2007 cut is supposedly his 100% approved cut, and it's only a minute longer than the 1992 version.

I watched the 1992 version (on VHS) religiously since it came out. I went ahead and bought the 2007 version on Blu-ray. I honestly don't think there is significant difference between the two.

Someone needs to continue the series based off of some of the books already and at least give the Star Wars geeks something new to watch. Let's just get it over with. SMH

@ Johnny Lava: Yeah, because the sequel novels are REALLLLY brilliant stories that are BEGGING to be told, and everyone's SUPER excited to see Channing Tatum or some other prettyboy schmuck take over the role of Han Solo, because Harrison Ford is like 70 now. Also, how about some adaptations of Harry Potter fanfic?

@ 23 don't get me wrong the only thing I like about Star Wars is Empire Strikes back and any time they show a light saber other then that these movies eat rectum. But something...ANYTHING! is better then re-releasing these films over and over and over again. I only read a quarter of the book that follows after Return of the Jedi and I couldn't stand it. zzzzZZZZzzzzZZZ. and yes everyone is too old to play there characters, and film based on these books would require recasting. So what. I think it would work. People paid to see Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson as the tooth fairy, so anything is possible LOL just a though.

Those who keep saying it's a cash grab, need to remember that George Lucas has donated half his fortune to charity and current does a lot for American education.

Also SynchG is right. This has been in the works for a LONG TIME. Cameron and Lucas worked together initially on new 3D technology. Those who saw the preliminary footage of A New Hope in 3D in 2004, were blown away.

Fucking morons, all of you.

A whole new generation of parents are about to spend a whole lot more money than parents of the past spent to take their kids to see these movies. These kids have heard about. They are going to BEG to see these. And they are going to want the toys. And cereal. They already have the t shirts.

I thought I would never say this, but Star Trek has become cooler then Star Wars. It's amazing that there's adults rationalizing that Episode One is a good movie.

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