Aug 11 2010J.J. Abrams Continues Doing Cryptic, Frozen Treat-Based Viral Marketing


If you followed the tiresome viral campaign that accompanied Cloverfield, you may recall the name "Slusho" being thrown around a lot. In the lore of the J.J. Abrams-produced hit, Slusho was some sort of ICEE company based out of Japan or something, and its existence somehow triggered the giant monster attack in ways I'm still not entirely clear about. Slusho's parent company's ocean drilling did it, maybe? It doesn't really matter. A monster fucked some shit up, and then everyone from the Island was there. The end.

Well, for his latest film, Super 8, J.J.'s at it again, this time with popsicles instead of Slurpees. Some secret online thing already turned up this mention of Rocket Poppeteers and a secret code; now, those who were on the proper mailing list--like Flex at MovieGod--have received the above letter about the Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut Program. Presumably, cracking the code and counting the number of stars or something will open up a gateway to Abrams' mind--which is either cool or exhausting, depending on how much you freeze-framed Lost. I'll wait for the Star Trek 2 gelato campaign.

Reader Comments

I wish JJ Abrams would actually get a virus and stop doing these lame viral ads!!

The only thing lame in here is your name "JFreezy" is that shit? Anyways....I think the ads are pretty cool, so speak for yourself.

67 stars on the page if you count the 50 on the flag....what do i win a decoder ring or something

68 if Captain Coop Cooper is a star?!

Is it me or does "Coop" look maybe a tidge like Matt Damon?

Can someone enlighten me... how is this marketing for Super 8?

I can't wrap my head around this - and also how the Slusho is marketing for Cloverfield??

I can't believe they didn't do a merchandise tie-in with Cloverfield. Maybe they'll wise up this time and actually sell the frozen treats they're pretending exist.

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