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Jeremy Renner in 'Mission: Impossible', Only It Might Not Be Called 'Mission: Impossible'


With the Tom Cruise brand becoming increasingly unmarketable, and the Tom Cruise man becoming increasingly pricey and nutcasey, rumor's been that Paramount was on the lookout for an actor to fill a protege role in the next Mission: Impossible sequel, so that maybe the next film in the series could be made sans Cruise. Now, it seems they have their guy: Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner has signed on to co-star alongside Cruise in M:I4 with an eye on leading the franchise from then on, once he's learned how to properly dangle over lasers. The only thing is, the series might not even be called Mission: Impossible anymore, making the whole lead switch feel sort of pointless. Insiders told Variety the next film "won't be called "Mission: Impossible IV," saying, "It's possible that the title won't even include any variation of the familiar moniker." Why do I get the sense I'm being tricked into seeing Knight & Day 2: Male Diaz?

  • November 14, 2012
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