Aug 23 2010Is It TOO SOON for Tom Hanks/Sandra Bullock Award Bait?


America, we've mourned the tragedy of September 11th long enough. Warner Bros. and Paramount are ready to get on with milking some sadness Oscars out of this thing, and they know just how succeed where Remember Me did not so much: with a Tom Hanks/Sandra Bullock drama! The studios have reportedly put out offers to both Oscar-winners to star in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, an adaptation of a Jonathan Safran Foer novel that "centers on a 9-year-old boy who finds a key in a vase that belongs to his father -- who perished in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks -- and searches to find the lock that goes with it." Stephen Daldry, who's thrice been nominated for Academy Awards--for The Reader, The Hours, and Billy Elliot--is attached to direct, pretty much guaranteeing you're going to see a montage of Hanks/Bullock emoting in between [Period Melodrama] and [Heart-Wrenching Biopic] at the Oscars. You're going to be so inspired.

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The book is great. I wonder though, if it can be translated into film.

I read an early draft of the script.

It was good but I WAS TOO MUCH A MAN TO CRY!

I WAS ALL KINDS OF MAN! I...wasn't.... that boy loved his dad so much-MAN! HE...oh god...EXPENDABLES GOTDAMNIT! MAN! STAY STRONG! BOOBS! EXPLOSIOoooooooooooooooonsssss whathappenedtohimwassuchatragedyyyyyy.....

If I remember correctly the dad wasn't in so much of the book. it's been ages since I read it. Good book

why is hollywood killing everything i love?

We can make movies about the Titanic (which was total horseshit, BTW), because everyone who had any connection to it are long dead.

I still remember 9-11. I think about the people falling out of the buildings.

And they want to fucking milk it to score cheap tears? Seriously. All they need to do is run footage (with the typical mawkish music), and everyone in the theater will be crying. But people are too fucking stupid to realize that it's due to painful first-hand memories. They will think the piece of shit movie is "brilliant". And yeah, roll out the fucking Oscars.

Fucking Hollywood would film their own grandmothers dying in the hospital to make a couple bucks.

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