Jul 29 2010'Thor' Comic Con Trailer: Five Minutes of Intense Glares


Get it now, before Law & Order: Internet Crimes Division takes in down for evidence: the Comic Con trailer for Thor. You know how Kenneth Branagh really likes Shakespearean melodrama? Well...

What are we thinking? Besides the face-beam at the end being awesome, obviously.

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Gone already!?

laaaame, vid cannot be found, the marvel hammer of thor has come down hard....

^^ in copyright form...

badass, I have hope!

lulz VII ....

....umm, nice hammer dude....

After several attempts I finally got it to play on the TrailerAddict site. Pretty sweet overall.

You guys missed it? Too bad. There was Natalie Portman, Mjolnir, the Barbara Walters cameo, Thor's iPad, the musical montage of Thor working for the big fight,...the whole thing was awesome.

For some reason you have to hit play and then it takes a few minutes to load up, just give it some time, overall not bad :)

Dope. I like how it lags, stops and gets all pixelated.


I like some of the snowy, glacial action and asgard badassery but all of that stuff with Natalie Portman feels really lame.

Hey, what's Gort doing there?

that was cool how they refered to tony stark from iron man.

looks like a good movie

Yeah...she can't act for shit. He actually seems like a pretty good pic though. The set designer should probably retire though...and take the Geekologie Writer's job....hahahaha...jk GW ;)

the devil are you talking about? video works fine for me. love the bit about tony stark at the end.

wait, Nathalie Portman is in this?

doesn't look like it'll compare to Iron Man. Early stages though so who knows.

count the awkward dutch camera angles. i found at least 7.

its so awfully shot. i dont know why they did that...too look spacey??? :S

Gotta love Destroyer going apesh!t at the end of the trailer. Maybe this will actually be good (hopes) :) .

Are you people blind? Isn't it immediately obvious they've made a huge mistake with Branagh? If this trailer was 1/2 as long you'd still be able to tell that he has got no ideas for Thor and signed onto this because he likes funny hats.

Something has gone wrong when the world's most famous Shakespearean actor OKs a script with that nothing dialog. Also a good sign that the Norse thunder god is shown doing kung-fu instead of shooting lightning.

Plays here for now:




Unfortunately, it relies to Loki too... Aaaah, toooo bad.

It sure looks a whole lot more like Final Fantasy then Asgard.

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