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Ratner Given Keys to the Hercules


Well, we may have dodged a bullet when Brett Ratner ended up not directing Conan, but it's not over yet. Ratner, refusing to surrender his dreams of making a movie about a shirtless hulk once played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, has moved on to another mythological hero. According to the LA Times, the shitbag is now in talks to direct a film based on Hercules and what some would call his "legendary" journeys. Producer Avi Lerner has been developing the project for several years but only now, when Clash of the Titans has proved some forgettable 3-D swords and sandals thing can somehow make a ton of money, has it really gotten off the ground. No word on if this will affect Peter Berg's Hercules project, nor if it will clear up some of the lingering questions we were all left with at the end of Little Hercules in 3-D. One can dream.

  • March 22, 2013
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