May 4 2010'Street Fighter Legacy' Trailer: How Does It Compares to the Other, Horrible Street Fighter Movies?


Adaptations of the arcade classic Street Fighter II have thus far ranged from laughable to ...laughable, but with Jean-Claude Van Damme. The guy who played Desh in The Bourne Ultimatum decided he wanted to improve that situation, and managed to recruit Top Gear director Owen Trevor, some producers, a visual effects house, and guys who look like Ken and Depressive Ryu to make a new Street Fighter short that would closer match our childhood memories of its awesomeness (rather than the reality of its fireball-throwing, electric-green-man-including ridiculousness).

The full, apparently Capcom-sanctioned short will be released Thursday, but until then, here are a couple teaser trailers to tide you over until Must-See TV Day:

You have to respect any production that goes through such lengths for eyebrow accuracy.

(via; thanks, Greg)

Reader Comments

umm.. wheres the street?

Ken looks badass!!

The guy looks exactly like Ken. It's fucking amazing.

Is Ken played by Tom Cruise? because thats who the blur of Ken looks like there.

@ #5
Might be Sean Farris from Never Back Down. Sean Farris looks like he could be Tom Cruise's son

You have to respect any production that goes through such lengths for eyebrow accuracy.

THIS is what they should have done instead of that waste of time chun li movie!! see what someone who KNOWS THE FUCKIN MATERIAL can pull off?

Now i feel to go watch the animated movie...crap.... those tps reports will just have to wait till tomorrow.

Looks better than any other live version of SF. I could never understand why previous producers didnt go with the 2 main characters of Ryu and Ken? TARDS!

HOW can they do good teasers without one single Hadouken?

looked like two guys in bath robes fighting in the woods...what is the storyline to street fighter by the way? or is that it

The casting director is so fired: We asked for TV ugly, not ugly ugly.


They canĀ“t. These teasers look like shit.

its not hollywood, yet it looks cooler than any street fighter movie. looks more to source material eh gd job

Okay props given for having people who actually look like Ken n Ryu but what was up with that punch?!

I mean, I could've given a better punch than that yo! That punch alone tells me they've ruined another of my innocent childhood memories AGAIN dammit!

well the smurfs movie can't be any better than this movie.

Looks like fan-made stuff... Ryu looks really unimpressive and kind of mexican...

billabong, no joke. I've noticed that all action movies now include this slow mo jumping punch (slash/jab) nonsense, sometimes even using wires. WHY? Who (with actual training) punches like this? I hope to god they don't have them fighting like mma fighters.

I had no idea Ryu had a hispanic background, he almost looks like Mr. Bean

seriously? how in the hell does that look like ryu? great costuming and hair, but man... the guy's face just makes him look like a reject from a comicon.

hmm dont look mexican to me. my only complaint is he's not buff enough like gymnastic olympians. mind u this is a low budget short. compare this with the multi million hollywood movies which didnt follow the source n looks like s#!7!

Where are all the Streets?

Shouldn't this be called "Forest Fighter"?

@23 im quite sure you havent seen the anime

@ no 6 Edi,thanks for that, i dont know who he is and i accidently googled "sean harris" and i was like WOAH! but from what i seen he looks a tiny bit like tom cruise, not enough to be his son imo. he is a babe tho. i'm hoping this film has some "man on man" action, though probably not the same type everyone else on here is after.

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