Cinderella Getting Live-Action Re-Imagining


With the success of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland causing Disney to scramble to remember, "Hey, didn't we make some other cartoons at some point that we could re-do as live-action?", at last the studio has come up with what they're going to re-imagine in Disney Digital 3-D. Deadline reports a 7-figure pitch deal has been made that will get the genius behind 27 Dresses working on a script for this new vision of the classic fairy tale, thus far creatively being referred to as "Cinderella." And to think, I never thought I'd see the day when mankind's Cinderella imagination could reach beyond the 1997 Brandy/Whitney Houston/Jason Alexander made-for-TV movie. The sky's the limit! Or, depending on the script Aline Brosh McKenna turns in, placing the story in a contemporary high school setting might be the limit.



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