Apr 15 2010Zac Efron: Not Just for Singing and Being Young Matthew Perry


Through a combination of his faerie magic and his oh-so-special haircuts, Zac Efron has scored another role in a movie that doesn't involve singing or basketball. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the woodsprite actor will star in a remake of this Swedish thing:

Efron is attached to star in and produce a remake of "Snabba cash," the hot Swedish property that was the subject of a heavy Hollywood bidding war and has just found a home at Warner Bros.

Warners bought the remake rights for Efron to produce via the new Warners-based shingle he runs with manager Jason Barrett.

"Snabba" is based on a novel by Jens Lapidus and was a major hit in its home country this year. The thriller follows three interconnected storylines involving drugs and organized crime, with the main character a young man (played in the original by Joel Kinnaman) who hopes to strike it rich quickly by becoming a runner for a coke dealer. Efron would play the runner in the WB version.

Wait, what does this mean for I Can't Believe I'm 17 a Third Time!?

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The first time I saw him was in a lifetime movie as one of two fraternal twins that had autism. He just wanted to run on the high school track team. My My how he became coordinated.

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