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Disney/Pixar Confirms Which Movies They'll Win Every Major Animation Award for in 2012


Get Billy Crystal out of cold storage, because we've got a Monsters Inc. sequel to make by November 2012. Also something about a she-archer, says Variety:

[Disney] has dated Pixar's "Brave" for June 15, 2012 while also confirming a sequel to "Monsters Inc.," which will be released on Nov. 16, 2012.

"Monsters Inc.," released in 2001, becomes only the third Disney-Pixar property to reach sequel status; the first was "Toy Story," which is gearing up for its third installment this summer. The second, "Cars 2," will unspool in 2011.

Pixar's "Brave," formerly known as "Bear and the Bow," is the CGI animation company's first-ever female-driven feature.

Starring Reese Witherspoon,"Brave" tells the story of an impulsive princess (Witherspoon) who aims to shed her royal ties and become the world's first, great female archer.

You hear that, ladies? A Pixar movie with a female protagonist. Next up: voting rights. Because we've actually been throwing away your ballots for decades.

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