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'Tron Legacy' Trailer: Tron Has a Nice Couch


It's the Tron you've been asking for ever since you decided it was socially acceptable to start asking for a Tron: sleeker designs, motorcycles that can swerve, sexier Tronettes, nicer furniture... an albino Tron David Bowie/Jim Carrey's Riddler? YES:

(or in high definition here)

Thank god Bruce Boxleitner has consistently refused to upgrade his pager to a mobile phone so that this movie can exist.

(Thanks: Huntley, Simon, Tom, Anthony, and the Lord above.)

  • July 23, 2010
    TRON: Legacy is something of a high school reunion: everything you vaguely remember you can now revisit with a new event that's updated, dated, and the same all at once (Jeff bridges, especially). If you want to see how neon-lined things/that girl you had crush on look a few de... / Continue →
  • November 9, 2010
    In case you still aren't entirely clear on the "Jeff Bridges' son going Tron-style to save his dad (and meet some sexy, single Tronettes on the way!)" premise of TRON: Legacy, to show you, here's yet another super-intense trailer for the neon-slathered film. What a beautiful ad... / Continue →
  • February 3, 2010
    This must be from the part in the script where Jeff Bridges mutters, "Hmm... Tron..." Or possibly when he delivers the line, "Tron... huh..." Impossible to tell as of yet. First Look: Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy! [SciFi Wire]... / Continue →
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