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'Predators' Trailer: These Aliens Are Essentially Chasers of Prey


Remember those Predator guys? Dreadlocks, heat vision, kind of a weird mouth--you'd know them if you saw them. Well, guess what. They're back! And this time they've decided to round up some humans, throw them in a designated area, and try to hunt them down again. Like how our greatest predator, Ted Nugent, does with buffalo.

Only one way to get out of a situation like that alive: dress up like a sexy female Predator, tell the Predator to close his before he kisses you, and hit him in the head with a frying pan.

  • March 15, 2010
    Further evidence that no franchise will ever die--they will only hibernate, mutate, and return when you least expect it--here's a peek you can sneak of the newly pluralized Predator movie, Predators. This times things take an unexpected turn when "cold-blooded killers – mercena... / Continue →
  • January 12, 2011
    Where will you be when the aliens come to conquer our planet for its valuable resources, exterminating the human race just as we're coming to realize what a powerful allegory the invasion is for our own sordid history of greedy genocide? Hopefully not sunny, beautiful Los Angel... / Continue →
  • November 12, 2010
    Just this weekend we're finally getting around to fighting Skyline's alien clichés, and already another trite, extra-terrestrial menace is threatening sunny Los Angeles, California? What the shit, guys? Let's see what our premier militant lady, Michelle Rodriguez, has to say ab... / Continue →
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