Mar 31 2010Bundy Pon De Floor

Nothing more needs to be said.


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Amazing, simply... amazing.

This would be one of those times that I wish I had speakers for my work computer.....

does anybody know the name of the song? :-D

"Major Lazer attacks the Bundys. They barely survive." Retitled.

Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do!

Me wants the 2nd sunglasses.

Before you is an American that everyone should aspire to. He once scored four touch downs in a single game, did you know?

Nothing more needs to be said.


But because I would jump off a cliff if five other people did, I've come to post as the sixth comment that never needed to exist.

Bad ass.

@Alecsandru: Major Lazer - Pon de floor

Doesn't really get much better than this.

that music raped my soul.

I see Christina Applegate strutting around and all I want to do is ejaculate in muh pants.


Thank you for that.

Awesome!These guys have done superb job!
The music is so touching and beautiful.
Good job!


The jamaican dancehall artist Vybz Kartel is featured in the audio without recognition.

I bet this is real popular in France.

That's why I miss that show. No stupid Seinfeld complexity. Just a weird dad, his loser son, his hot slutty daughter and his hot bon-bon eating wife. Funny sh... stuff.

Have you guys seen the original music video? It's basically dry-humping plus ecstasy. Crazy shit

Was this even aired? I don't remember this episode.


The wife of off married with kids does Leelas voice off of Futurama.
(srry i cant spell worth shit)

@ 19 - This appears to be the original scene. Season 6, episode 7 - "If I Could See Me Now":

@ 18 - Also, it appears the original video for "Pon De Floor" was directed by Eric Wareheim of "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job" and "Tom Goes to the Mayor" fame.

what on god's green earth is that?

I like all your site pictures like as i like puma:) :) :)

There is nothing about flooring in the content

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