Feb 8 2010New 'Clash of the Titans' Poster: That's Your Kraken


First rule of poster design: if at first you don't succeed, just keep adding lens flares, motion blur, and teeth. It probably won't help anything, but hey, check out all those sweet teeth!

Zeus, Hades, and the Rest of the Gang [UGo]

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That is just... a shitty creature design. No biological sense, just a gray blob with teeth

It looks like the Rancor's gay uncle.

someone needs to talk sense into 1 and 2...

this movie looks sick and that kraken is fuckin badass

When did the Predator lose his mandibles?

GODDAMMIT, Kraken is NORSE Mythology, not GREEK. They couldn't have just fixed the problem this movie round and made it a Hydra or at least the Ceto, which Perseus killed in the mythology. Is is SO hard to make it vaguely right? ANSWER ME, INTERNET!!

Is there a god damn poster out there that you LIKE?!?!?

What are you talking about? This poster blows away the original. It's not a crappy Troy of Gladiator rip off. This looks BADASS!!!

I've dated several honest-to-God Krakens before, and I can tell you, that's no Kraken...

Why are all the Kraken's and other blockbuster monsters looking like angry Va-JJs nowadays? And once again why to blow the money shot Hollywood with ruining the awe moment(s) in both the trailer and the posters.

So that's the thing from Clover Field.

@10: Indeed.

I like the Kraken redesign...do wish the titles didn't look so video-gamey...small thing really...
Who knows ??...this might be fun.

I've got an uncle who is a dentist in Des Moines who did some work on a Kraken recently. He said that they not only have a lot of teeth, but they've got halitosis like you wouldn't believe.


Okay this looks so badass.

@1,2, YOU FAIL.
@3, 6, SUCCEED.

It's awesome, the movie looks sick. Fuck all you haters because there's obviously nothing out there that will make you happy aside from some artsy crap fest starring Vincent Gallo fingerbanging himself.

actually it does have a design, it's got the body structure of a turtle if you watched the trailer, it showed a shell like structure on his back and a head covering that retracted when he emerged from the water, way to be observant.

The thing that bothers me about the movie is the fact that they were such things as Titans in Greek myth but they weren't the gods or men (the two forces actually clashing).

I'd rather play God of War again. If I play God of War II, I get to KILL PERSEUS!

@5 Cuz "RELEASE THE HYDRA!" just sounds stupid. Nothing will ever top "RELEASE THE KRAKKEN!!"


No. 18, "Clash of the Titans" refers to Medusa and the Kraken, both of which were classified as Titans of Classical Greek mythology. In the original film, the 3 blind sisters tell Perseus that the only way to kill the Kraken is to use the head of Medusa to turn it stone. Hence, a clash between two titans.

Sorry, post meant for No. 17, not 18.

@15 No, you fail


c,mon guys! this is cool!

@15 Saw the movie, it sucked. You really let me down.

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