Feb 22 2010Kevin Smith, Stiffler Making This Song a Movie

I hope you like hockey and Kevin Smith as much as Kevin Smith does. The two-seat filmmaker announced to NHL.com that he's working on adapting the Warren Zevon/Mitch Albom song Hit Somebody (hear it above!) into a feature film.

The song focuses on a hockey-playing Canadian farm boy who, after being signed to the NHL as a hard-hitting fighter, really just wants to score a goal. Seann William Scott, who just worked with Smith on the thing with the commercials where Tracy Morgan keeps doing movie impressions, has confirmed he'll be playing that part.

Also up for Scott? Stiffler! Yes, the actor who's been spending his entire career hoping frat boys would stop shouting "Stiffler" at him is in talks with Universal to forever resign himself to the role:

"I've been talking to them about it and there's a possibility [of reprising Stiffler in another American Pie]," he told Coming Soon. "We came up with an awesome idea and I'm kind of at the point where I'm already known as that character forever anyways. As much as I want to do a part like Christoph Waltz in 'Inglourious Basterds,' I did 'American Pie' three times and then versions of that in ten other movies. If it makes sense and if it makes people laugh then maybe."

So keep that in mind, directors. If you're casting an Inglourious Basterds Hans Landa-like part, Seann William Scott would totally be up for it. Or, if you're casting Stiffler, Stiffler would also be game to play Stiffler again. Either way.

Reader Comments

But will it be better than Slap Shot?

I think we both know the answer to that one.

All I know is that this sounds like an absolutely terrible movie and I'm surprised it hasn't already been done by Adam Sandler. Wait... was it already done by Adam Sandler? I seem to remember him playing at hockey and getting angry at some point.

So he's remaking Happy Gilmore without the golf?

Best song featuring David Letterman vocals ever.

Wow, can we please see Sean William Scott in a serious role as a sinister, calculating villain? That would be the funniest shit ever.

Let's adapt Zevon's entire body of work into movies. Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead is already done. Head start!

I would gladly pay to see a Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner film.

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