Jan 21 2010Spike Jonze + Robots, OK?


Good news, Spike Jonze and robot likers: /Film and AICN have some early looks at I'm Here, Jonze's 30-minute robot love story set to premiere at Sundance. From these few shots alone, it's already clear the short will feature the director's famously naturalistic yet ethereal photography and true-to-life emotions mixed with fantastical elements, only now mixed with the terrifying scenario of a world in which robots can love. If robots could love, it would mean I'd have to watch what I say to them at bars so they don't think I'm flirting with them!

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Good day I really impress about your topoc this day I hope you will post a new story every day.. Great..

i don't like roborts

i like robots, he works for me, hah !

i want a clever robot!

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