Jan 26 2010Sam Worthington a Dracula?


From avatar mind transfer pod chamber thing to just a standard coffin. Latino Review is reporting that Sam Worthington, the unmemorable, blunt-featured guy Hollywood keeps insisting is a huge action star, will likely be starring in Universal's miserably-titled Dracula: Year Zero. YEAR ZERO! That's right: one better than Year One.

Worthington would be playing the titular cape-wearer in the film, said to be a period piece set in Transylvania back in the time of Vlad the Impaler, which is the timeframe we're apparently calling "Year Zero" now. The budget is reportedly set at over $100 million, and Dark City/The Crow/Knowing's Alex Proyas is in talks to direct.

I know what you're thinking: vampires AND Avatar guy!? Those are the two hottest things market research has revealed to us this year! Surefire hit! YOU'D THINK. Except it turns out vampires are only really that popular if they're in an established, barely-sexual relationship with a high schooler, and Sam Worthington still has not been successfully picked out of a lineup by anyone but James Cameron and McG (on his second guess). Nice try, though, Universal.

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omg first on geekologie and this, wow.

I agree, Sam Worthington is so bland and dull I have no idea why he's being pushed as a new action star. With his looks and talent he should be on SciFi Originals.

He's cool and all, but DRACULA? No way.

Should get Alex O'Loughlin...

Between this, Dracula A.D. 1972, and Dracula 2000, they're piecing together a pretty comprehensive account of Drac's life. Good on 'em.

hes so bad!!!!!!!!!! why is he in movies??????!!!!!!!!!! emotionless douche

hopefully this new movie will test him more as an actor and will therefore mean that he is no longer thought of as bland.

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