Jan 13 2010Peter Sarsgaard Is Your Enemy, Green Lantern


Peter Sarsgaard has joined Martin Campbell's film about our greatest jewelry-and-lamp-based superhero, Green Lantern. Heat Vision reports Sarsgaard will play Dr. Hector Hammond, a villain that Wikipedia tells me was exposed to a meteorite that gives him super-intellect, telepathy, telekinesis, and a really big fucking head, but also makes him immobile, completely unable to move or talk, so don't expect a dark, over-the-top Heath Ledger-level supervillain performance. It actually sounds a lot more like a subway-guy-covered-in-bronze-paint-style performance. But still, Peter, I wish you...

Reader Comments

First? No Sinestro?

Geoffrey Rush for Sinestro or bust.

this movie's looking good so far.... lets see....

Well, Sinestro started out as a fellow Green Lantern and Hal's mentor. Perhaps they'll have him in that capacity for the first movie and set him up to be a villain in subsequent movies.

There is zero logical reason not to have Sinestro in the movie.

Unless of course he is planned for the sequel once they set up some type of explaination for there being more than one person out there with a gumball machine looking ring. Then there Would be 1 logical reason.

As for this villain being immobile, etc. I imagine some type of creative license will be taken with him so that Mr. Sarsgaard can not only emote, but can chew up the scenes he is in.

Peter Sarsgaard has joined Martin Campbell's film

He's in talks to be in the film. He hasn't joined it yet, nor do we know for sure if he will.

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