Jan 7 2010Paddington Bear Movie Happening, Mighty Boosher in It?


A shock to me even though I apparently talked about it two years ago, there's an Alvin and the Chipmunks-style CGI-animal-in-the-real-world version of Paddington Bear coming out, and The Sun claims Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh will be in it playing what sounds like a godawful freak:

Clown prince Noel will play Paddington's cousin - a half man, half beast who also comes from Darkest Peru.

He has been signed by Mighty Boosh director Paul King, who is penning the movie with Hamish McColl, co-writer of 2007 comedy flick Mr Bean's Holiday.

Seeing that I'm no longer a petulant British child, it's been some time since I've read a Paddington Bear story, but I really don't remember there being a nightmarish chimera cousin that would clearly be horrifying if visually realized. Was there? Because it sounds fucking wretched. Will this half-man, half-beast walk and talk or just kind of writhe around as its mixed cells desperately struggle to cooperate? This has Gooby written all over it.

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Ow, my childhood!

am i the only one who read this article and still have no clue what it's about?? "British, chipmunks, CGI..." wtf are you talking about??

Yes Sithlord, you are.

Ugh, they're getting desperate over there in movie-land... taking old concepts and making everything they can get their hands on into a movie.

Oh, Christ.

Maybe it's just because it's Noel Fielding, but I first read it as "half man, half BREAST." And I was like, that sounds perfect for the Mighty Boosh, but how are they going to put that in a kids movie?

There is something wrong with me when I think, "I can't wait for the raping."

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