Jan 22 2010Martin Scorsese Making a Kids' Movie


Looks like modern kids will continue to be spoiled by great directors adapting children's literature into amazing movies that the little jerks won't even bother seeing in theaters. According to Variety, Martin Scorsese is in talks to direct and add a Rolling Stones song to an adaptation of the best-selling "The Invention of Hugo Cabret":

Story centers on a 12-year-old orphan named Hugo, who lives in a train station and must finish what his late father started by solving the mystery of a broken robot. Project would mark Scorsese's first foray into kid lit -- a genre that is attracting a number of high-profile directors including Wes Anderson ("The Fantastic Mr. Fox") and Spike Jonze ("Where the Wild Things Are"), whose films are resonating with adult audiences.

"Hugo," which won the Randolph Caldecott Medal in 2008 for the most distinguished American picture book for children, is a mammoth tome at 533 pages. More than half of the pages contain elaborate pictures that the New York Times described as looking like movie storyboard frames. "Ice Age" helmer Chris Wedge was previously attached to direct "Hugo Cabret," which was a long-running Times best-seller.

John Logan, who wrote Scorsese's "The Aviator," adapted the screenplay.

I think this is where I'm supposed to make funnies with the idea of someone with a history of such violent, intense films as Scorsese doing something for kids, but man, it's Friday, am I right? Let's just call it a day and have some adults-only beverages.

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How about a joke involving Harvey Keitel's 1930's Steampunk Parisian dialogue being in a Brooklyn accent? I don't know, you're better at this stuff than us... cheers! *glugglugglug*

Don't forget, he was in that cartoon fish movie with Will Smith, so he's not exactly a stranger to kids' movies.....


He's apparently been thinking about "Cabret" for awhile, because Variety first reported on his potential helming of it three years ago, when Warner Bros.

Did you break my robot? Did you break my robot? I'm gonna ask you again, did you or didn't you? Just answer the question.

how many times do they drop f bombs and other f words in this picture. yeah, i said picture!

This book was actually really lovely and very cinematic in its presentation. It is the first children's chapter book to win the Caldecott Award because of its illustrations. Essentially, its like a graphic novel/ fiction hybrid, almost like a storyboard. Really really beautiful. Illustrations are somewhat similar to Shaun Tan's if you have ever read "Tales from Outer Suburbia" or "The Arrival." The plot is interesting, a bit steampunky, but not overly so. Not a typical kids book to be sure, and I strongly recommend you check it out before you judge. Scorsese's direction might actually be pretty good for this book: re. The Aviator

Fun Fact: Brian Selznick the author is actually David O. Selznick's cousin.

Hugo Cabret is really quite amazing, with truly beautiful art, and I'm not surprised Scorsese would be interested in doing it, as it uses at a major plot point, some very famous, very early cinema.

I love Shaun Tan! Now I gotta check out this book.

It sounds great! I am interested.

I heard Roman Polanski was going to re touch little Orphan Annie!?

Oh God! There has not been a true Scorsese film since Casino. Nothing but bland, miramax oscar-bait since!!


Often uses long tracking shots (His most famous tracking shot is from Goodfellas (1990), following Henry Hill and his future wife Karen through the basement of a nightclub and ending up at a newly-prepared table). A notoriously difficult shot to perfect, he has been dubbed by some as the "King of the Tracking Shot".

----In 2010? -----the once compelling ---long-cliche ridden
Scorsese making a kid's film?

---------BIG DEAL

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