Dec 28 2009New 'Inception' Trailer: An Idea Can Make You Fall Into Water or Whatever


It's not the Batman vs. Riddleman you've been hoping for, but Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan has a new sci-fi thriller coming next summer, and the lack of Batmen appears to be more than made up for by the inclusion of a Leonardo DiCaprio, a Juno, and half the casts of Batman Begins and Brick. This new trailer may have voice-over narration that sounds like a melodramatic keynote speech given by the most successful alumnus of a community college, but I'm still pretty intrigued:

(Or here, if that doesn't work.)

All you need is an idea, graduates! For example, I've made thousands off my idea for gloves with ice-scraper fingers...

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Oh, yeah. Thanks for the post!

Looks interesting....

What the fuck was that all about? And when can I see it?

I'm getting the feeling Christopher Nolan isn't that original as most people think. The trailer reminded me of the anime "Paprika". I bet he was just looking for an excuse to film EXTREME surreal visual situations. I get the feeling this movie is gonna be an overdrawn artsy commercial. SLOWMO SCENEZ MEENS SERIOUZ BIZNEZZ GUYZ

Yeah, Christopher Nolan should get a job as a cab driver or something...

Yeah, is not like he did Memento and those Batman movies geeks go crazy about.
Oh wait...

I'd just like to point out the (probably obvious) fact that if anything reminds somone of an Anime film, said person is automatically a loser.

memento was the last original screenplay he did, insomnia was based on a remake and the prestige on a novel. james cameron next project is based on manga/anime property so suck it, fanboy

Sid Grey, Stanley Kubrick never made a movie that wasn't based on a novel and still he is regraded as one of the best film makers of all time. Nolan is probably the best active director right now. Ideas don't have to be genuinely original to make a great film.

@11....But I do agree with you on the fact that ideas dont have to be original to make a great movie. Avatar is a perfect example.

Kubrick has substance. The fact that no one still doesn't know what Inception is about and it is the 2nd trailer solidifies my 1st post about Nolan being about style. Just "oooh" like images and music, deep stuff der

Sid Grey, did it occur to you that perhaps Nolan is being guarded about the plot intentionally? Would you have preferred the typical trailer where everything is revealed, in sequence, all the way to the very end of the film? I would much rather this kind of trailer that tells me very little (except that I really want to see it) than the typical "here's everything that happens" one.

This reminds me... I should plop Dark City in the bluray again.

I'm excited as hell for this.

Excited in one of those "jesus christ, someone is using all the good ideas before I can come up with them" sort of ways...

Which makes even more sense, seeing as the movie appears to be about stealing ideas, haha.

I'm pretty damn keen to see this, and it's luring me into it's web of intrigue in the most enjoyable of ways. Nolan's a damn fine film maker.

To comment upon some other people's previous posts en masse though; Enjoying anime doesn't make someone a loser - this film DOES have elements which are reminiscent of Parpika, an incredible film, so that person's statement was entirely valid.

Also, no, film-makers don't need to have original stories to make an amazing film. Film makers create visual worlds, bringing ideas to life. There's no specific rule stipulating that they create the idea itself - as long as they have the rights, it aaaall cool. Anyway, Batman isn't exactly a new idea... haha

Again, I'm excited as hell about this film.

Looks amazing.

the movie should just be called "Imagination Land" but "Inception" is much more... MYSTERIUOZ SERIUOZ BIZNEZZZ!!!111
and i'm not arguing that a movie has to be original to be good but Nolan tries hard to come off as a unique "auteur". I still don't get what the hub bub was about when Memento first came out. His motivation for this movie seems very masturbatory.

I had something important to add about the trailer until I took a gander at those fantastic ugg boots everyone here is so psyched about.

That scene at the beginning when the city is bending in on itself is like being on salvia


Ahem... Nolan has yet to produce a film that isn't interesting, suspenseful, and successful on many levels. Though I have to admit, some parts of the trailer look a bit silly.

And Sid, why is it when a director produces something visually stylish and psychologically ambitious, it's "masturbatory," but when someone fills a movie with explosions and softcore porn it's just "awesome?" Don't get me wrong, I love explosions and porn as much as the next guy, but let's not be pots commenting on the color of the kettle, eh?

the clip contains every visual cliche ever recorded

i think sid grey masturbates alot...alot...


hehehehe I kid.

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