Oct 20 2009'Everyone's Fine' Poster: This Christmas, Four People Will Find Adequacy


Because you've always wanted a Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Christmas Special mixed with Meet the Parents and a digital camera commercial, here's the poster for Everybody's Fine. Also, I'd just like to note that everybody is clearly not fine. Robert De Niro's face, his hypothetical left arm, and all of their careers are far from fine.

'Everybody's Fine' Poster [IMPA]

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Seriously how does his arm bend that way?

When you are doing the yearly tradition of actors cashing the holiday season, even if you are Robert DeNiro, you really don't need your name on the poster to stand out, really you don't.

.... unless you are Mike Myers, then you need ANYTHING with your name on all thing related to the movie, because next time you get a "life time achievement" award from MTV (already a bottom of the barrel situation), you don't want your film resume to be a loop of 3 pictures and it's sequels.

Also - wouldnt they be looking at the camera instead of "camera"?

okay, i just want to note that Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale also stared in the movie Snow Angels. you know the movie where Sam Rockwell plays Kates crazy ex husband who later blows her head of execution style in the woods and then blows his own brains out. because she was sleeping with someone else and also during the movie thier daughter drowns and he blames kate for her death. ya i dont know if i could ever see them in anything warm and fuzzy ever... ever!!!

they photoshopped rockwells double chin away

Yeah, I'm just looking at Rockwells neck and it's HUGE! Did he have to be taller than Barrymore?

How does his face bend that way.

I'm glad Sam Rockwell is really cashing in on being seen as a serious movie actor after Moon.

This had better be a brutal dark comedy. Or a figment of my imagination.

Jesus H, another friggin' Drew Barrymore movie??? Why??? I think she and the moron at Cover Girl who signed off on her being a COVER GIRL, should be taken out and maimed. Thank you.

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