Sep 22 2009Nicolas Cage as Superman/Superman Action Figure


Remember over a decade ago when Tim Burton was going to make a Superman movie? Me too! Why do we keep remembering that? Let's stop. Actually, before you stop remembering, breathe deeply with your eyes the above image that's been going around internet today to equal cries of "fake" and "LOL": the only known photo of what is supposedly Nicolas Cage's costume test for Burton's film.

Yes, I know it looks like Nicolas Cage's head blatantly pasted onto a plastic body. But would Japan's premiere Tim Burton fan site stake their name on a fake, putting at risk all the Tim Burton legitimacy the country has been building since the second World War? I have no idea. Either way, it is definitely ridiculous.

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LOL.... sad part is, i think i would actually watch it

Looks like he is auditioning for the role of bizarro superman. Notice the backword S and long hair and pale skin

The "S" isn't "backword".

Fake...thats the KINGDOME COME "S"...came out way after Tim's Superman mistake.

ah, the fun of the healing brush. those japs like their action figures, and apparently they like their nicholas cage heads as well.

Yea.. I would watch that, despite how much I hate Nic Cage...
we can be sad and lame together, Sithlord!

Super toy! )))


This is obviously fake, look at the blurring at his neckline.

Nicolas - forever!

Looks more like Ross Noble the comedian. Google him and see

What a fucking tool hahaha

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