Sep 29 2009Listen To This 'Wild Things' Music


Want to spend your day listening to music that alternates between melancholy anthems and twee Langley School-style child choirs? Sure you do; this music is in a movie picture!

Karen O's Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack is now streaming free on this internet device. Listen to it loud to show your co-workers that you're aware of more music than just early Steely Dan albums. They've been talking about that behind your back.

(via JoBlo)

Reader Comments

i will listen to no such thing!

4 tracks in. I love it already.

Fucking brilliant.

10 points for using "twee" in the middle of a sentence

I can't wait until this movie comes out so I don't have to read about it every other day on this site.

anyone know where to get the arcade fire 'wake up' acoustic? (the full version, not just the audio ripped from the trailer..)

will it be on the soundtrack?

just listened to every song... wow. loved it

Fucking hipster ass garbage shit fuck piss goddamn this movie makes me rage like an entire bowl full of Hulks. Fuuuck!

Looking forward to it.

Where is the music that was done for the trailer? I thought Arcade Fire would be doing the soundtrack. This music sucks. I was looking forward to this but not so much now. I want Arcade Fire Music.

who decided it would be a good idea to put a children's choir in this soundtrack?

Listening to the sounds of the birds makes mind really calm. There are lot of albums published regarding this forest music.

I am going to buy this album (i.e. download it for free). :P

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