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'Zombieland' Trailer: Zombie Brains, Zombie Boobs, Timid Whining


Put the kids to bed: there's a new, R-rated trailer for the undead brain-eater comedy Zombieland, and it fully earns its R-rating. Graphic content includes: lots of zombie carnage, bouncing zombie boobs in pasties, F words, and, most brutal, Jesse Eisenberg so far into Michael Cera's rival territory that he's surely by now a POW, captured and caged within his own slumped shoulders. Every time he speaks, you can't help but hear a phantom Arrested Development ukulele strumming faintly in the distance.

(If you can't read it, it's asking you to enter your birthdate in mm/dd/yyyy format.)

I know Eisenberg's been doing the meek nerd thing for a long time, but I've never heard his voice capture that impotent whine that's made Cera the go-to perpetual awkward teenager. Maybe he's auditioning in case Cera holds out on the AD movie.

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