Jul 23 2009'TR2N' Title Updated to Reflect Tron's Legacy


My "TR2N" tattoo has been rendered nearly meaningless! In an announcement at Comic Con, Disney has revealed that the long-awaited sequel to Tron has had a name change. Coming Soon is reporting the original, confusing title, TR2N, has been replaced with the easier-to-pronounce Tron Legacy.

I guess that's fine, but I hope they at least considered my suggestions. Come on, guys, inTRONet! Such a good Tron 2 title.

Reader Comments

I'm pretty excited about Daft Punk doing the music

@ 1:

My thoughts exactly

is it just me or did I just cream my self ?

Dark Horizons discussed this briefly, but I haven't seen any of the photos or videos leaked yet.

IWS guy, I hate to break it to you but I don't think Disney really consults this blog. However, they do consult me....Ba, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, he, he, hoo, hoo, tee, tee, la, la, lee, lee, lu, lu. OK, I'm done.

that girl is hot.

I want to see this movie so bad.



Must See!!



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