Jul 10 2009Green Lantern Casting Narrowed to Three


Our wait for an H.J. has almost ended. The Hollywood Reporter says casting for Hal Jordan, the lead in Warner Bros. Green Lantern movie, is down to three candidates:

Warners has spent the past five months searching for the actor to play Hal Jordan, the hot-shot Air Force pilot who is chosen by a dying alien to be his successor in an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lanterns.

This week, the race narrowed to Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake.

The adaptation is being directed by Martin Campbell and--juuuuust a minute. What was that part about Justin Timberlake maybe playing Green Lantern?

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Gtf outta here

lol. fanboy wishes, i'm sure.

Clearly they're taking the casting very very seriously....*rolls eyes*

Dear Hollywood Reporter, you're retarded. Ryan Reynolds is already Deadpool.

so either Bradley Cooper is the next Green Lantern...
or The Hollywood Reporter is 48 hours away from Chapter 11
for being a completely unreliable source of factual information.

Ryan Reynolds was also a fat guy, college guy, vampire hunter, secretary, waiter, and much more.


If Justin Timberlake is the Green Lantern, I will personally hunt him down and kill him with a spork gun.

FUCK Justin Timberlake.

After the success of Hangover, it's got to be Bradley Cooper.

Unless producers are going for a beat boxing hip dancing Green Lantern, then it would Timberlake.

I've been reading Green Lantern since I could make sense of the words on the page. Hal Jordan has always been my favourite.

That being said, if these cum gargling fuckpuppets cast Justin Timberlake as Hal Jordan, they will have effectively proven that they're going to fuck this up before it even begins filming.

If we have to choose from those 3, please-please-please let it be Bradley Cooper. That guy just seems cool and I root for his success.

If this was eff, marry, kill: I'd marry Bradley Cooper, eff Justin Timberlake (he's the most feminine), and kill Ryan Reynolds (douchebags must die).

Too worthless
Too new
Too no


I always thought the Green Lantern mythos was sorely lacking beat boxing.

OK screw you assholes, justin timberlake is the bomb. did you see alpha-dog? dude showed some acting chops. that being said he'd suck ass as hal jordan. Hell, maybe he could be guy gardner with that haircut but no way jordan. and ryan reynolds has always been the perfect choice to play the flash so no there too. cooper wouldn't be my choice, but he's better than the other two.

besides it's going to be the director that will make or break this movie. that last superman sucked not because of routh but because of singer. and nolan made batman awesome, not bale.

cant be reynolds. if he plays both a marvel and a dc character, the world will be torn apart by the collision of the two universes.

although by 2016, they will have probably made movies out of every single comic book character, and will then proceed to make marvel vs dc movies. which will logically conclude the "comics made into movies that started out well, but then turned into horrible sequels and franchises" era.

i think i'm in love with jessica j @7. even though he would be better as a less disposable superhero. "oh noes you spray painted your uzi ammo yellow. guess i'm shitfrucked" -last words of many a green lantern give or take translation from alien language

hey they let Hallee Berry do it. I mean not well, but they let her be DC and Marvel

Reynolds has already played 2 comic characters I know of... He's funny and fit, but I don't think we need him in another.

Ryan Reynolds already broke the rules by being in 2 separate super hero movies. He doesn't need to go and be 2 important ones. None of these guys have that H.J. chiseled look to me. I hope these aren't really who it's been narrowed down to. I'm going to be quite upset with DC Comics if they ruin my favorite DC hero.

Do not want. Cooper would be the best of the three, but that isn't saying much.

I'm still waiting for my H.J.

You know, I personally think none of these guys are qualified. Ryan Reynolds is already Deadpool, why is he a canadate? I still think that fake fan-made trailer had the best idea in mind. I want Nathan Fillion in HJs shoes.
And as much as I hate, and I do mean hate, despise, and feel tortured to say this, Justin Timberlake might actually do a half-decent job. Nowhere near the job that Fillion or some others might do, but out of those 3, I can actually see Timberlake in the role. I can't believe I just said that. *shudder*

I hope it's the Cooper guy because the other two would be better suited for good characters (non-DC).

It's definitely going to be Brad Cooper. He's the cheapest. Done and done.

Same reason why Christian Bale was Batman, and Robert Downey Jr was Iron Man. Because they're good actors, and cheaper (at the outset) than similarly-talented actors.

Cooper all the way.

@14 nah its had beatboxing since stewart joined

Sigh, this has already been debunked as false rumours.

Ah, the possibility of this movie not starring Chris Pine or Nathan Fillion makes me realize just how much I never want to see it.

Basically, the only thing that could make me see a movie about the Green Lantern is if someone awesome (exampes: Chris Pine, Nathan Fillion) is in it. Oh well.


Green Lantern is DC, Deadpool is Marvel, so no conflict. (I know there's one other character who's been both a DC and a Marvel character, but I can't remember who it is.) Besides, they're liable to redo Deadpool anyway, given all the X-Men spin-off plans they've been discussing recently.

I like Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper, but not as Green Lantern. It's odd casting to me.

Oh, I remembered who was both a Marvel and a DC character: Halle Berry. Storm/Catwoman.

SplashPage is reporting that Reynolds gets to follow in Halle Berry's proud tradition of crossing the Marvel/DC line.

There's news on IMDB that Ryan Renolds got the part.

Oh god, please not Justin Timberlake please. Starring him in such a movie is one of the worst thing you could do to cinema. I hope this is a joke.

Timberlake would ROCK as Green Lantern. Dude's been hilarious in the SNL skits lately and has shown that he he's a legit actor in his smaller film roles. I think that'd be a smart casting move.

IGN also has news that Ryan Reynolds got the part.

Reynolds would be a good Oliver Queen, Guy Gardner or Barry Allen not really the Hal Jordan type, however Timberlake would be good in a Teen Titans role Character not important.Cooper has the old enough to be a pilot look it would be easier to decide if you photoshop a GL mask on them.

GTFOOH are you kidding me? Justin Timberlake OMG this would sux so bad.


Bradley Cooper!!! Bradley Cooper!!! Bradley Cooper!!! WTF! Reynolds needs to stay out of marvel, hes a b actor

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