Jun 23 2009'Last Airbender' Teaser: There Must Be More Impressive Applications for Airbending


Welp, the teaser trailer for Last Airbender, M. Night Shyamalan's live-action NickToon adaptation has been released, and my feelings are a bit mixed. On the one hand, I'm relieved Shyamalan appears to have avoided the camp and silliness that plagued fellow martial arts cartoon-turned-movie Dragonball. Or, in other words, at least it looks like an actual movie.

But on the other hand, I feel when there's a lead character with the power to manipulate the wind (or bend air, if you will), there has to be a cooler way to show that off than just showing him extinguishing candles. Putting out candles is the most rudimentary thing you can do with air manipulation. That's a skill only threatening to birthday cakes and romantic evenings in a bathtub with only the company of a romance novel. This is it?:

I guess he lives in a world where creating too many gentle breezes incurs the wrath of an armada.

Thanks to AsianTom for the tip, and for expressing his outrage at the lack of proper Asians.

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First bitches!!!

Let me guess the twist ending to this Shamalan turd...it wont suck as bad as Lady in the Water. Either way this move can suck it...or blow it, whichever it prefers

I'd flip up skirts.

HAHA @ 2, nice pun.

Yeah who really gives a shit about this movie. I have seen the cartoon like 2 times and it is very boring. They will make anything a movie.

Coming 2014....Stuey takes a shit.

I've seen a few episodes of the show...its alright. A few of my friends really dig it though.

I like the cartoon... is that weird?

The cartoon is awesome. This I cannot say yet. My guess is turd.

The cartoon is really good, really good. This movie, aside from continued "THATS RACIST" is looking to at the least be fun to watch.

on going argument: racism in casting

This looks really lame. I hope Midnite Salamander sucks the big one with this.

This movie:
1. Looks like it totally blows.
2. Kid has massive flatulence problem (great for turning it into a comedy!)
3. Depicts Kim Jong il in his youth (in his dreams)
4. Needs to have Matt Stone and Trey Parker do the voice over.
5. Hopefully has Eddie Murphy in a fat suit
6. Will suffer a quick and painful death, sucking the director down with it.
7. Would be better if it wasn't made
8. Should have talking animals in 3D or it will fail
9. Will trigger global cooling
10. This movie will be mocked and turned into a joke very quickly.

I love the show... the actor who plays aang looks like he's four though.

I think the show is great for a kid's cartoon and the teaser doesn't look that bad, but does M. Night Shyamalan always have to get title name?

What a dick move, first Cameron with his avatar movie gets the title, The Last Airbender, ok, but M. Night Shyamalan film The Last Airbender? that's like sabotaging your own movie M Night, people tend to avoid you after seeing quite a few of your movies, oh and this page used to be funny

Is it just me or are the cartoon chicks in the IMVU ads on this page insanely hot?

Wow, if this little kid could really control the wind, then Marky Mark wouldn't have had to run run run from it in The Happening!

My only hope is that it does not ruin the legacy the series left. They were perfect in execution and even though I am having a Nerdgasm over this teaser, it's Shaymalan,thus,it might suck.

wot a tweest!

This looks reallly goood.

When they reboot Dragonball. I vote M.Night to direct it.

you guys are such dicks.

the effects already look nice, and ang isn't human,
he can be whatever race he wants,

you're bitching that all he's doing is blowing out candles?
yeah, with a fucking stick, by just hitting it on the ground,
fuck, i wish i could do that, what the fuck can you do?
talk shit about movies, that cost more to make then
you'll ever make at your shitty job, writing a fucking blog?

fuck, i hope it's 5 parts, so its not some shitty thing like
a series of unfortunate events.

watch the tv show, and then fucking talk, dick head.

If it has a Indie dance number during the end credits I'll totally see it.

M. Night has such an over inflated ego, everything he has done post sixth sense is nothing but hot air... btw i hate to knock the wind out of your sails, but whomever thinks that the europeanification and co-option of "asian" culture isn't a big deal needs to read orientalism

Yeah. I'm a fan of "Avatar: The Last Airbender", but this looks bad. I guess I can say it's because it's a teaser trailer and all, but I dunno. It's not even the 'racebending' that sets me off as much as the direction they are taking it. A living legend? Could he be one? Uh.. he *is* the Avatar and the last freaking airbender. Of course he's a living legend.

I dunno. The narration didn't fit what's supposed to be going on, and I have no fucking clue why a bunch of Fire Nation ships are attacking what looks to be one of the Air Temples. That never happened in the series, and I thought they were going to stick relatively close to that. Guess not. :/

I hope the kid playing Aang has at least a little acting skill. The description of the video I saw on one particular site said that he was only ten. If he's ten, then M. Night Shamalyanslaksdfjan already fucked up. /sigh

Can't they leave animated shit alone?

While I can't hate on this movie based on the teaser (I am giving it a chance) I will say that the martial arts is truly disappointing. As a martial arts student, Hung-Ga in particular, I have to say that, that kid doesn't look like he's classically trained. It looks like he took a few months?, if that, worth of daily training classes in preparation for the filming. His moves are too slow and are not fluid as they should be at his age (if he is really a martial arts student.) That's one of the things I liked about the show. The action was realistic (as a fantasy cartoon could be) and fast paced.

I don't know maybe someone else with martial training can chime in or maybe it's just the cape hampering his movements.

I 've seen a lot really god martial arts children and teens that would have been perfect for a move so dependant on action. If anything, for that alone (I doubt any of the children playing the main characters, especially the slumdog actor, know any martial arts) and not the "racebending" I think is why this movie will fail, if it fails at all.

It this was the 90s I would say get Xie Miao to play Ang. He was excellent in "My Father is a Hero."

Picture a single homosexual in a hot air balloon. Now compare it with the video you just saw.
Which is a better interpretation of the the title "The Last Airbender"?

Everyone chill the eff out. M. Night's got this (read: he'll probably fuck it up.)

@22-hey jackass, if you read up, the slum dog dude has a black belt. in tae kwon do. and the other one. he won some tournaments and shit. but i do think there isnt energy behind the routine. as for the age of the kid. who cares. i think the younger he looks the more incredible it is for such a young kid to take on such a huge task. i am not defending m. night, cause he does blow curry seasoned donkey balls.

as for the ships surrounding the temple, its a damn teaser. remember when the first spiderman came out. and they had the theifs running through the building and then somehow their excape helicopters gaught caught in the web. and then remember how that part wasnt in the movie. its a teaser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@25, I don' think i mentioned his age as a negative. All I meant was that if he was a long time practioner then at his age his forms should have more energy and fluidity. Obviously you didn't get that. And if you knew who Xie Miao you would know he was very young when he played the role I referred to earlier so obviously age is non issue for me. I was critiqueing his skills not his age. Learn to close read or just pay attention.

However I stand corrected on the Slumdog actor. I don't keep up with his biography.

"and I have no fucking clue why a bunch of Fire Nation ships are attacking what looks to be one of the Air Temples. That never happened in the series, and I thought they were going to stick relatively close to that. Guess not. :/"

The reason why the air Nomads are extinct is because the fire Nation attacked the air temples. During the episode "The Avatar and the Fire lord" the near the ending showed the temples burning.

So it kinda happened. :D

I'm confused is that a movie or an RTS?

Avatar can't Bend it Like Beckham.

Some of the people here are a little harsh. Anyone that knows and enjoys the source material should look at this as a successful trailer. The Airbending looks as it should and the martial arts are clean. It feels like a feature production as well so that's good. As far as him just blowing out candles goes, it's a TEASER. Some teasers barely even show the main character so we should be happy with this. Remember, the movie doesn't come out for another year, give it a break.

Hey everyone why you guys talking junk about this movie stop hating, yall can't appreciate movies, who gives a shit, i'm glad they making this movie. Is nice to see new face for that movie all those actors getting old, what would it look like to have bruce willis as the last air bender. I think this movie will be good for family and kids, this is a just a teaser i'm sure i dont think this will be in the actual movie, it's just a teaser fag i'm sure m.Shaman have some crazy shit under his sleeves. So far the teaser look better than DB evolution let see next couple of month for the actual preview.


...I know. The Air Nomads were extinct ONE HUNDRED YEARS before Aang ever reawakened in the Ice Ball at the South Pole. He was never there to witness the Fire Nation attack the Air Nomads.

Even if we did see it partially in "The Avatar and the Fire Lord", why would we see it here, in this movie, that's supposed to be Book 1: Water?

I'm hoping it's just a teaser and not apart of the actual movie, or that's just a cop-out to include even more action. :/



I warn you, its addictive!!

wow alot of you guys are pretty mean......yeah i know thats not how it happened in the show...but as my friends told me...if you want to see the show go watch the show...i'm gunna watch the movie...and who says it has to be the same...its not titled the same samn shit with the dragon ball movie it was called dragonball evolution...so they could do what they wanted with it...if you want to be a dick go ahead and say shit to me...but my point stands..

This clip is just a teaser.They're right not to show all his power yet.Next summer?!

This movie will break wind.

omg omg omg this movie is gonna be sooooo tyte, i love the direction its going and i know it will make me proud to be a fan of avatar... that whole race bending shit nonsence everyone is talking about is soooo stupid... stop being narrowminded just enjoy this ADAPTATION cuz thats what it is! as far as the trailer it was freaken epic and all of these so called fans who comment badly on it saying that it doesnt stick to the show... WTF ofcourse it does, we dont even know where that takes place in the movie, my guess is that its the Northern Airtemple because the fire nation was actually there so think about that "real fans" this movie is going to be freaken legit, all the haters shouldnt be aloud to see the movie in the first place! just my opinion

my previous post was pointed at 28.


Check out the trailer on the mainsite. It's larger, and you can actually see the fire nation warriors climbing the cliffs.

I hold judgement on the movie until it's out. The director's track record isn't great, but I love the show and I'm at least willing to give it a chance. Remember, this isn't an original M. Night story, so that might make a difference. I just hope he learns to cut a little better...he tends to leave scenes in that just aren't necessary.

I've never seen the show, but this looks pretty cool. Here's hoping M. Night can redeem himself.

2 words for ALL OF YOU.

Nigga, please.

Man, this is gonna suck ass. The cartoon was good, but holy shit!!! The kid looks like he's eight.

@ 17 now we all know that you like sucky movies they didn't even get his tattoo's right so it already sucks if they can't even get that part right.

Shamalan is involved?

Ok..well this is going to suck.

Check this out: http://tinyurl.com/qk8gdb

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam i really love the cartoon but move is guna suck balls they screwd up the story alredy and it should be anime i mean the simpsons did it could u imagine a live acton simpsons it be crap daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam they mesed up dbz atleast transformers worked sorta dam >:[

hey you do this is not a teaser its a real movie
i saw the trailer at the movies lol

its gonna be made by M. Night? wasnt he behind 9/11?

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