May 28 2009'Land of the Lost' Has the Laziest Poster


"Poster designer! The new Land of the Lost poster is due in an hour!"

"Whatevs. I'll just cut out a photo of Will Ferrell, slap him into a white nothingness devoid of even shadow, and have the T-rex from the first poster bursting through the paper thin barrier that surrounds this surreal, nebulous space."

"That sounds like a really good poster."

"I know. Thanks."

'Land of the Lost' Poster ver. 2 [IMPA]

Reader Comments

I wouldn't like getting a cavity search from a T-Rex either.

No, they should have had the T-rex head in the background, and a giant shot of Ferrell's head running toward the lookee of the poster. Scarier? yes.

@FuzzyBean- You wouldn't like it, but GW would!

Perhaps you haven't seen the trailer but this looks like the laziest movie ever made.

Will Ferrell + Bear Grylls will make up for this. The movie and the poster I mean.

It does look like the entire film was ad-libbed. But at least the ad-libbers are Will Ferrell and Danny McBride, who are pretty much the best at that these days.

I think it'll be entertaining.

Shuttup, stupid.

That was a very well directed comment with terrific spelling.

Shuttup, stupid.

They really should be billing Danny McBride more (or promoting him more). Will Ferrell's movies haven't been good in 5 years.

I'm looking forward to see this movie.

Did he make a secret invention?

@4 I am looking forward to that. I forget when it airs. Sometimes next week I think. I guess being "lost" in the wilderness is supposed to promote the movie?

It will be hard for Will to escape with those tiny, malformed legs.

It would help if the T-Rex didn't look straight out of Jurassic Park. The T-Rex in the original show was really goofy looking (and adhered to the contemporary theory of how a T-Rex appeared). And a goofy-looking dinosaur would work well in a comedy, right?

Yes... very, very lazy.

Dear sweet baby Jesus.....

Please let Mr. John C. Reilly appear in this film....

...I'll be most greatfull....and the movie wont suck as hard then....

..."In my dreams you're blowin me...Kisses"

it'll be entertaining.

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