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'Partly Cloudy' Shots: What, You Didn't Know Baby Delivery Storks and Cloud Men Hung Out?


Judging by this gallery of stills from Partly Cloudy (thanks Flex), looks like Pixar has decided to walk straight out of the WALL-E/Johnny 5 controversy into a Cloud Guy/Mr. Bubble-Ziggy-Blobfish scandal. If only Buddy Hackett were still with us to provide the voice.

  • April 27, 2009
    Here's a clip from Pixar's Partly Cloudy, the new animated short to be shown before screenings of Up. The preview reveals almost nothing but the premise, but you can already tell it will be charming. Storks delivering babies is always such a cute concept until you see the Datel... / Continue →
  • January 2, 2013
    Begin envisioning the next several years of Pixar emotional manipulation with this batch of concept art from the studio's upcoming lineup. Dinosaurs and various human skulls guaranteed.... / Continue →
  • November 11, 2011
    A new Toy Story short will premiere before the November 23 release of The Muppets, and USA Today has the first look at the franchise's newest addition to the cast: a Happy Meal version of Buzz Lightyear. Writer/director Angus MacLane revealed that the short's story deals with a... / Continue →
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