Apr 10 2009Amazing 'Moon' Poster Ruined by Horrible 'Moon' Tagline


"950,000 miles from home, the hardest thing to face... is yourself"? That's terrible. From the trailer, I can piece together what they're going for, but still, unacceptable. A stylish, moody, sci-fi film shouldn't have a tagline that cues Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway to play in your head.

Sam Rockwell shows you his MOON poster! [AICN]

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No kidding, that is an awesome poster, I'd hang this on my wall MINUS that cliche, dumb ass lyric

The worst part is the "...," instructing us how to dramatically read it to ourselves.

it would have been awsome if there was no credits or taglines, and just the weird spiral and the title. It's called 'teaser poster', you stupid poster making people!

I saw this movie at a film festival and it was freaking fantastic. Also considering Duncan Jones directed it (David Bowie's son) and didn't use his father as a vehicle to promote it, he has more respect than any other superstar spawn.

I don't know how Kelly Clarksons song goes but I like the poster :)

Looks like Sunshine, but on the moon.

/I'll check it out

Exactly which moon is he on where he's 950,000 miles away?

I love Sam Rockwell, have you seen choke?....so good, although the book was better, as was fight club

click on my name

Mis Ojos!!!!!!!!!! >.<

the moon is somewhere around 250000 miles (385000 kilometers) away from the earth.

so i'd like to know WHAT moon are they talking about? does nobody proofread/factcheck what these design/marketing pinheads push out?

let's hope the movie had better production than it's PR did...

Oh God, it's like Galaxy Quest all over again :O

Uh...fucking stupid hollywood.

the moon is 235,000 miles away

i think the total distance includes the drive from atlanta to the launch site in florida. hence the apparent numerical tomfoolery. do the math people. do the math.

Yeah, why would they make such a freshman mistake about the distance? "I think the moon is a million miles away, but I can't be bothered to check it..."

That movie looks really cool, but I gotta say, HAL 9000 is not improved by giving him a stupid little emoticon face.

If I had to spend 3 years with that thing, you bet your ass I'd go insane.

i looked it up, too, and "dean" and "dude" are close enough: from the closest point (outer "edge"), the earth is about roughly about 226,000 miles away from the moon...

"950,000 miles from home"; where, then, did Sam Rockwell's character go if the distance listed on the poster is correct, hmmm? lack of research or a horrible spoiler, a dumb, marketing mistake either way.

i would have preferred no tagline at all.

moon pictures

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