Mar 3 2009New 'Terminator Salvation' Trailer May Be Only Hope You Have, John Connor


Bad news, future resistance leader John Connor: The Terminator monsters outnumber us humans, they're killing us, and they've started wearing our human skins as disguise coats. But on the plus side, you're kissing the Lady in the Water, so you're doing alright too. This video should summarize things.

(Thanks, K. Lee.)

I'm looking forward to the scene where Christian Bale somehow ends up riding on the back of one of those motorcycle Terminators; that Terminator is going to be flipping the fuck out.

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Bryce Dallas is still hot. Smear that grease anytime baby.

i swear to God if the rumors of Christian Bale being a terminator the entire time, im going to be severely pissed.

the savior of all mankind is a robot? fuck me,

I can't wait to see this movie.These Terminator monsters love humans as i do,for breakfast.

I wonder if that "we are all dead" scene was the scene during christian bale's flip-out. it was pretty emotional, after all.

@1-no doubt. i was the specials on the village (i dont know why) and she was walking around in some spandex type leggings. and she had a fricking wicked bubble butt.
i just wet myself when i saw that.
we need more shots of her ass in these movies!

i bet the movie reveals that all humas are really terminators.

Gee... the chrome machines have evolved... They look like us now... they have a plan... Some don't even know they are not human...


That whole trailer changed my mind about the movie, it looks pretty good now.
But... I HATE that skull animation at the end, how lame is that shit?

I saw this at wonder con and I was screaming my balls off. Still not have found lefty. But any ways dose any one know the name of that song used in the trailer?

The song in the trailer is The Day The Whole World Went Away by Nine Inch Nails

Dear Eddie, I wish you the best in finding your ball

Around 0:40 he says "I thought i'd _____ them" I have no idea what he said in that blank. Can anybody hear the word?

Greatsayain, he says "i though i'd known them"


Much better trailer than the last one, but I agree with Keeter, aren't they just borrowing the Galactica / Cylon twist?


I can see how you could think that, but I think they are trying to connect this story with T2. The man/machine in this one seems to change Conner's view that "all machines must die" and he/it ends up helping Conner win the war.

So, the humans know they can "reprogram" the machines to help them as it were. Thus, allowing them to send Arnold back in T2 to save John.

That's how I try to explain it, but I could be wrong. I'm not an expert on Terminator history, so...

On a side note: I hadn't heard the rumor that Conner is a Terminator the whole movie. I don't think that would make much sense and I don't know how they would do the other 2 movies being planned if that's the case.

This trailer has me pumped for this movie though.

That looks pretty amazing. I'm super-pumped. The title makes a little bit more sense taking into consideration the line about the terminator being humanity's only hope.

@11 I thought I knew our enemy

I had goosebumps during that whole trailer. I need to pee.

@14... the rumored ending is that Connor is dying, and they build a terminator version of him to continue the fight.

And then he takes a wicked metal dump on Skynet's chest

Terminators don't "flip out", they shotgun your ass.

Thanks number ten or Elmo. Lucky for me i place my home phone number on my balls and shafts. You never know. Women? Right? Am I right?

John Connor isn't and never will be a Terminator. That was a very old rumor of a possible ending that they didn't go with. So relax.

they did the impossible, and made a trailer that actually made me want to see the new terminator movie, even with the taste of shit left over in my mouth from the last one... kudos..

aikenhead is right they finally did a trailer that made me excited about going to the movies again, besides the dark knight WHAT OTHER TRAILER HAS made you feel like this, to me nothing has come close since the first matrix trailer back in 99' even if the movies are good now, (iron man, transformers, etc) the trailers are so mediocre.


how can connor be suprised that they are making robots look like humans? shouldn't he have seen this comming given all of T1, T2, and T3

blade runner redux?


Yes that is true... but the Terminators in the previous installments all knew they were robots. Apparently, this new one doesn't. Like he said, they're taking humans and replicating them without them even knowing that they've become machines.

Connor is surprised because this is before all the other movies.... it hasnt happened yet >.>

that is by far the best trailer yet

Riveting stuff. I've already freeze-framed and masturbated to that still of Marcus. Twice.

Bleargh, this player does not know the word "buffer". It always load while playing, and does not load ahead while paused. Impossible to watch if you have a slow or intermitent connection :P


I though John Conner was our last hope?

Also, if this movie takes place in 2018, movie continuity will be fucked when 2012 comes out... people will be so confused

Holy crap! This is the first trailer I've seen for this. Here I was thinking the whole time it was going to be some kind of half-assed attempt to keep the franchise going. That was pretty sweet!

You can see at about 1:13 where the camera guy steps in front of the shot of a Terminator and the Terminator flips out. Too funny!

Also, I think a better actor for the part of John Conner would have been Vince from ShamWow.

Can't wait to see this movie - Terminator was a classic, T2 was brilliant and T3 was absolutely..... possitively.....crappity crapola crappy shite so fingers crossed for this one to be decent.

so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
i cant wait untilit comes out 'cause that has to be a hit! : ]

Okay, so this bad-ass movie will be sweet! Fuck yeah!

i just pooped with joy.



Psh. Yeah. Like Battlestar Galactica was the first one to pull the 'Robot doesn't know it's a robot' plot.

The history of film and literature goes back a lot further than 5 years, yanno.

Bladerunner, for example. Although I just ruined the ending for anyone who hasnt seen Bladerunner.

LOOKS AMAZING! Gotta love the use of NIN, too

The use of NIN in the 300 trailer boosted the promotional affect, for sure. This is why Watchmen didn't go over. No NIN in the trailer... mwah...

That's cool that he will start to use the machines. It follows the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I like it when plots match up. ^_^

Am I the only one that remembers the line from T1 by Reece? When he said the first terminators were easy to spot cuz they had leather skin? Looks like theyre jumping a step here.

wow Very Very nice :D

"I'm the only hope you have"

The correct phrase is "Come with me if you want to live." Duh!

I hope that NiN features this prominently in the movie. Actually, I could go for a 2 hour long NiN music video with sweet scenes of robot death and fake humanity. That would be a sweet movie.

The half human half terminator idea has been around for a wile...... since 1991. check out Dark Horse Comics "The Terminator-The Enemy Within". A savior terminator at odds with his humanity.............termanity.

@44 - Yeah thats the whole point of the movie, they do take into account what Kyle Reese said, they have the T-600's which are the early versions of the T-800, these are what Kyle Reese was talking about, they do have them in Salvation. But, that why Conner is so surprised, because of the events that took place in T1, T2 ect, the future has changed, so they learn that the machines are developing Terminators 10 years ahead of what they were supposed to. So the T-800's and marcus come alot earlier than was explained by Kyle Reese in the first film. Thats kinda the whole point of this film.

The guy on the poster looks like Van-Damme

Yeah, that's totally different from BSG.


There may be another way to do it.

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