Mar 17 2009Natalie Portman Loves Thor?


Who will play Thor? Who will play Thor's arch-enemy, Loki? And who will play Thor's Kim Basinger character? These questions continue to plague us, but Deadline Hollywood has some new semi-answers:

...there's a big push to cast Josh Hartnett either in the winged helmet and/or as nemesis Loki...

...besides Hartnett, the following actors are being tested: Charlie Hunnam (the British co-star of the F/X series Sons Of Anarchy); Tom Hiddleston (award-winning British actor and RADA graduate who played Winston Churchill's son in HBO's The Gathering Storm), Alexandar Skarsgard (Stellan's son who has appeared in the HBO Iraq War miniseries Generation Kill and vampire drama True Blood, and who's definitely visually right for the role), Liam Hemsworth (offered a significant role in The Expendables after Sly Stallone saw his tape), and Joel Kinnaman (some Swedish-American dude).

Meanwhile, I'm told Natalie Portman is in the lead for the female lead.

Does Natalie Portman playing a female lead mean Thor has a love interest? I'm not that familiar with the Thor mythos, but I thought his only true love was the hammer Mjolnir. Maybe she'll end up being more of a Scully character to Thor's Mulder, where he's always insisting he's a Norse god, and she's like, "Thor, there are no such thing as Norse gods!" And he's like, "Then where did I get this sweet hat!?"

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Don't they know anything!?

Make them stop. No one wants to see a Thor movie. I'd rather see a Pound Puppies move.

I'd watch a movie about Thor...

If it was set in the ancient Viking Age, not modern times or some crap.

Duh. Thor is a norse God. And what do norse Gods dig? WENCHES! And what is the best modern day equivilant? Strippers. So, Natalie Portman (who played a "stripper" - supposedly) is the perfect choice.
Maybe this time she'll actually strip.

Unlike the first time she played a "stripper".
Also unlike Jessica Alba, who also played an alleged "stripper" in Sin City (who not only didn't strip, but wasn't even true to the costume in the comic).

Why so much talk about strippers when the subject was Thor? Doesn't the beginning 6 words of that question prove its a stupid question?

Verily, anyone who doesn't want to see a Thor movie is either possessed by the Enchantress or is a pussy.

(just sayeth-ing...)

NOOOOOOOO ! They'll steal my childhood!!!

If they get Josh Hartnet or w/e to play Thor in the avengers movie, ima be pissed. I hate thor and only found 2 versions of him any good. I was hoping they'd kind of "main-stream" him out so he wasn't retarded and appealed to the populace, but that Josh guy as Thor or Loki will just ruin the movie for me.

Maybe Natalie Portman will be in Thor like Gwynenth Paltrow was in Iron Man.

As for a Pound Puppies movie, screw that shit, bring on the Monchhichis. Everything is better when it starts in Japan. But update it by making it darker and grittier like the Dark Knight.

alexander skarsgard needs to be Thor. that's it. there is no one else that should be allowed.

also...not too happy about the natalie portman casting...she's awful in stuff that's not heavy material...(star wars for example) i'm not saying shes a bad actress, but she cant improve a character if it is thinly written

Like the above said, the only one I can think of is Enchantress, female lead-wise.

In the Ultimates comics, Donald Blake (Thor's alter-ego) is thought of by most to be an escaped mental patient. They might touch on that, since they have Ultimate Nick Fury.

ok so i hate Jared Leto, but that in the picture, Thor looks exactly like Jared Leto, he would have to give up the emo heroin look and gain about 50 pounds, AND learn how to act, BUT he looks like Thor!

Thor's love interest is Sif. -

Mmmmmm Adrienne Barbeaubot.

"Josh Hartnett as the hero and/or villain"?? What the fuck is this, some kind of Adaptation? I hope you noticed that I capitalised Adaptation so as to be making a joke about the dual-roles thing, even though the title of Adaptation isn't capitalised.

More than likely Portman is up for the part of Jane Foster, Dr. Donald Blake's love interest not Thor's. Theres no way that she could be taken seriously as an Asgardian.

I agree w/# 10 that it should most definitely be Alexander Skarsgard as Thor.

"I'm not that familiar with the Thor mythos, but I thought his only true love was the hammer Mjolnir." Best sentence I've read in ages.

How can he be a god and superhero? Pick one, jerk.

Thor's alter-ego, Donald Blake, had a love interest - Jane Foster, a nurse.

Aaron Eckhart would be my choice.
And Sif has big ole titties. Portman does not.

From the neck up Alexander Skarsgard looks like a great Thor especially with long hair, but I hope if he's picked he at least tries to bulk up some more or maybe they can CGI some extra muscles. I guess theirs no good actors who happen to be weight-lifters or at least muscular. Thor is suppose to be a viking god that's able to physically stand up to beings like the Hulk. Acting wise I think Alexander can pull off Thor's attitude, act like you have no humility while speaking with a psuedo-shakespearean accent, & then later pretend you're not a complete douche devoid of empathy for human beings. Most actor & theater types I know do that every day.


Richard Blake from Dragonball:Evolution is also testing. He's awesome!!!

Tries to picture Nat dressed as Sif, in a blond wig. Is nice!

I'm for Alexander Skarsgard playing Thor he's the perfect choice. Hartnet might make a good Loki but not Thor.

James Callis for Loki! Seriously, look at his work as Baltar, and his out of character appearance on "The Last Frakkin' Special" Hands down, the best casting choice.

The rest of these sound like they're skewing younger, which may be a reflection of the story they're telling for a Thor movie (Thunder God: The Early Years?) or that they're looking to sign younger actors who can be stretched into multiple sequels.

It'd be a shame to pass up James Callis though. Look to the comics for reference; dude even looks like Loki.

I have no idea what the comics say, but in the Norse mythology, Thor has a wife called Sif, and a mistress called Freja (goddess of love (and war))

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