Feb 2 2009'G.I Joe' Super Bowl Spot


The problem with ninjas is you always want more ninja action. As soon as they gave me a little ninja, I just ended up wanting more ninja, even though it's only a 30-second commercial that already has quite a bit of ninja content. My thinking is, if a film has ninjas, why bother with anything non-ninja? That's why I'm always better off watching Lethal Ninja. But anyway:

Liam Neeson isn't the only one willing to tear down the Eiffel Tower if he has to.

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I'm waiting for cory to post on how totally Rad this looks!

It looks like someone said "it's called gi joe, but it's really a cross between transformers, the matrix and charlies angels, with a side of ninja"

It's all to sell toys to kids. This is the Jar-Jar binks syndrome all over again.

This movie is going to suck.

Channing Tatum? Rly? He's hot and all...but not a very good actor.

What about Beverly Hills Ninja?

Ninja's on roller skates! That's gotta be the most illogical thing ever, next to casting shia labouf in an action movie.


I really thought this movie was going to blow... but after watching the trailer... it might not be as bad as I once thought... granted it still look nothing like or and doesn't remind me of GI Joe back in the day... but it does look like a good action flick...

I think this will suck as a GI Joe movie, but will be a pretty decent action movie.

Ah yeah marketing baby! Sell toy to kids! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

This movie will suck. No doubt about it.

Quit bullshitting all of us and just make "CODENAME: SNAKE EYES"

Nobody even cares about the other joes.... I always traded Duke right away when I saw other Ninja looking joes...
(i.e. Firefly, Stormshaddow, B.A.T.S., Hell even the COBRA Guard)

Channing Tatum? Dennis Quad? Dude, seriously? C'MON MAN!

The action scenes look reminiscent to Transformers.

I wish hollywood would stop making BS shit like this. This moving would be a lot cooler had they used some sense of reality.

Remember when hip-hop was all HIP-POP, then someone came out and said
"keep it real, son"

KEEP IT REAL needs to happen to hollywood.

No offense to gay people, just the way gay people act.

You can have actual amusement by mixing and matching the elements from other movies to get the G.I. Joe one.

Will I see it? probably, monday morning third-of-the-price ticket while smuggling some munchies, perhaps with a previously tivoed comedy central on the bench in case the movie really blows.

You tell them Businessman... FROM MARS!
Decent, but lacking in unicycle robots and cat robots.

I think they missed a spot on Snake Eyes nose where they could have put one of those red I-Ching symbols.

omg i just crapped my pants that was so fin cool!!!!

Ok, is anyone else getting the impression that the angle they are going with is that G.I Joe is badass so this guy Destro creates an anti-GIJOE super soldier called Cobra (Cobra Commander), ala super Shredder in TMNT 2?

Any movie where the eiffel tower gets completely messed up is going to be awesome.

In the beginning of the cartoon "GIJOE the movie" Cobra launches and assault on the statue of liberty. Maybe the eiffel assault is an homage to that and considering GIJOE is an international force now, they've got to respond. This is kind of realistic because france would already have surrendered to Cobra when Baroness showed up.

This movie is either going to be really good or amazingly badd. Like your mom.


The Doctor's in it. I'm seeing it. Also, it does look like a pretty good action movie too.


I have mixed feelings on this movie. if they do it right, it might be good. But it could suck the big wind.

of course, I do remember seeing posts EVERYWHERE that the Transformers movie would suck....

but the only problem I have with this movie: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cobra Commander?!?

Yeah but when people heard about Heath Ledger as Joker they were all like WTF? It's been a few years since we seen that kid. I say it give it a chance, especially cuz no one has seen so much as a glimpse of him yet.

wtf is up with snake eyes' pants? they look ridiculous and stormshadow looks like some techno-matrix stormtrooper.

I'd much rather watch the old nosebleed PSA. It's awesome: http://tinyurl.com/b2txl5

more slow mo..so i can wack myself off more...oh yeah baby. if u wanna commit suicide..this should be a good movie to do it at.

FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRST! (on line at the theater August 7th, 2009.)

lol i saw taken like 4 months ago. thank you interwebs.

SWEET! but gotta keep my hopes at the mid range level. After all look what happened to DBZ. *sob*

Liam Neeson...which muppet wrote this? It's Dr Who and former Jesus Christopher Ecclestone!

I'm looking forward to it though, remember kids, it's a film based ON A TOY! What are you expecting?

Elements of this film designed to sell toys to children are inconsistent with my childhood memories of a cartoon designed to sell toys to children, and as an adult I find this upsetting!!!11!!1!

Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!!!!

Nothing like a 90's reference :)

I'm with #7, Destro better get a fuckin' metal noggin

First of all...WOW.
But unfortunately i have to say, it's not liam nesson.
It's Dennis Quaid! FYI...maybe.

THERE YOU ARE. Man you waited till 30 to post? Oh, you couldn't post one handed while you were watching the trailer. my bad.

Hey, you wanna watch "the mummy" after this? no? Scorpion King? that was rad dude.

@34...What's a Scoprion King? Some other shitty movie you like to whine about?


You haven't seen "THE SCORPION KING" Holy shit! Thats teh best movie EVAR!! Man you'd love it! GO RENT IT.....NOW....SERIOUSLY.

While you're at it, you should rent Fast and the Furious 2 faster and furiouser. Man we should get together and have a movie night!

@36... It seems to me that this G.I. Joe movie would be right up your alley then. I don't know what you're whining about.

You're right man this will be totally sweet! With those robot looking dudes jumping around avoiding the missles shot at them! And Snake Eyes jumping from flying car to flying car!!! Oh man and the miniguns, my god the miniguns!


You can tell it's fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene from transformers.......blah blah you get the point.

@38... Hey, you're right, that was kind of cool. Maybe I will see this shitshow after all. You're quite convincing!

I have been a GI Joe fan since Hasbro and Marvel launced their line in 1982. I know more about the characters than a grown man should admit to in public, and I will go see the movie on opening day, but...I'm still really sad. I am very fearful that this movie will disappoint me as much as Transformers did. I have wanted to see a live action Joe movie for more than 20 years, and as happy as I am that one is finally seeing the light of day, it just seems like movie production companies never employ anyone who was or is an actual knowledgable fan of the material to help make it. I do not work in the film industry and do not claim to have the know-how to make a better movie, but it frustrates me to no end that movies hardly ever stick to their source material. I really do want this movie to succeed, but I also wish the producers cared more about potentially alienating the audience members who grew up with it and made it still relevant today. 'Nuff said!

Snake eyes for the win, he's the only thing (if it's done well) that'll be worth watching....

BTW congrats to the CGI guys on giving Sianna Miller breasts, oscar worthy work boys.

8.I really thought this movie was going to blow too... but after watching the trailer, IM SURE OF IT

Ding Tang Ding Tang Deesh. . . . . . .

now I go and put on sombrero and sleep under a tree, feeding my donkeys.

Im wondering if the H.I.S.S tanks will have those glass windshields...real smart there Destro.

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