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'Fast & Furious' Poster, with: Michelle, Paul, Vin, Jordana, and ME--the Car!


This poster gives me a good idea for the next Fast/Furious adventure: the car should be a sentient character, and it helps the rest of the group solve mysteries. Basically, it would be Speed Buggy with Vin Diesel. Or, if you think that strays too far from the foundations of the Fast/Furious franchise, how about we just make Speed Buggy with Vin Diesel then? It would have to do at least as well as The Pacifier.

The New Fast & Furious One-Sheet! [Coming Soon]

  • January 16, 2009
    Watching Vin Diesel act makes me really wish I could cast him in a Disney comedy called The Most Petulant Buffoon. That said, this trailer is a good instructional for what to do if the flaming trailer of an oil truck is rolling towards you, and you're in this really awesome car... / Continue →
  • December 22, 2008
    The way I see it, there are three ways to interpret this poster: 1. The cast of Fast & Furious are standing in the desert, in front of a car, and are being reflected in its hood. 2. Someone got overly excited after the original Fast and the Furious and ran to their local airb... / Continue →
  • June 24, 2008
    How much faster and furiouser is Fast and Furious compared to previous Fast and the Furiouses? So fast and furious as to attempt a DRIVE FIVE! (A high five while driving past someone.) So rad. In addition to the above shot and a couple more, USA Today has some quotes from retu... / Continue →
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