Jan 5 2009"Hold it right there, Terminator."


"Oh, hello, John. What took you so long? I was just preparing us a cocktail. Do join me."

"Alright, but no funny business, Terminator."

2009 Big Movie Preview [EW]

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he looks kinda dumb sometimes... but he's a great actor if you keep him roles that require you to look dumb ALL of the time
not saying he IS stupid...

Where's his terminator kitty? You can't be menacing without a terminator kitty!

I can't help thinking he looks like the arse-clown out of Maroon 5 (Bale not the skynet sentry)

"Well, we've always been each other's greatest nemesis's......nemesi...what's the plural on that?"



This photo totally looks like John Connor just caught the Terminator playing with itself.

This movie is either going to totally suck or be totally awesome.

Do or do not. There is no try.

LOL @ #6's comment! I guess John needs to learn to knock next time.

LOL thats an endo-skeleton and its supposed to have a "guy" wrapped around the frame. The width of that effer is like 7' lol

I sense 5 has not scene Mystery Men

man, i always believed that Christian Bale could save any movie, but with this one's shoddy plot development, i just don't know. i'm still hoping and praying though. "Bale" this movie out!

Is it just me that can't help but think of Skeletor's high-pitched girlish cackle every time I see the face of a Skynet robot?

And why are they people-shaped? None of this makes sense.

@10 you know, "Scene It" is using a pun... try "hasn't seen" next time... it makes a whole lot more scenes

@12 All the better to terminate you with, my dear (read with terminator voice)

Bale is so overrated. -_-

@9 of course it's 7' wide, it's a T-800, that's why they all come off the production line looking like Arnie. He's the only guy in Skynet's historical databases that was wide enough to accommodate a killer robot skeletal structure.

@15 - the endoskeletons in this movie are based off the earlier T-600 models, which were bigger and bulkier, fyi. you won't be seeing the actual T-800s until later on in the trilogy (McG is making 3 terminator movies that span the entire war) as this takes place early on in the conflict. there may be one or two T-800s thrown in, one of which will be a prototype, played by Roland Kickinger.

@12 - Well, it makes sense to me. If you want to kill humans you make robots that can fit in all the locations humans can move and fit into. You may even make them look like humans to trick them in letting their guard down, or give them a skeletal look to give terminators a psychological advantage (as if a 300 lb robot tying to kill you isn't enough) on human resistance fighters. Also people would be suspicious of a hovering HK aircraft or giant tank covered in human flesh if Skynet sent one of those back in time.

@19 LOL -- you obviously know little about films, let alone the Terminator series!

I don't know anything about films, let alone the Terminator series.

"I've always known that you and I would met some day and now that day has come Mike!...David, Joe?? No, no, no don't tell!"

I sense 5 has not scene Mystery Men

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