Oct 14 2008Here Comes a 'Twilight' Sequel!


It may not hit theaters until November 21, but the copious, intense stares of Twilight are already so popular that Summit Entertainment is already preparing a sequel. From Deadline Hollywood:

When your soundtrack isn't even completed much less released (not until November 4th), yet it's already in the Top 5 Best-Selling Albums on Amazon based on pre-sales alone, you know you have a hit. When Borders makes an exclusive calendar and sells out the first printing in a matter of days, you know you have a hit. And when the new trailer to your movie surpasses 3.5 million views less than 48 hours after its online debut, you know you have a hit. Which is why Summit Entertainment's CEO Rob Friedman is already readying a Twilight sequel.

Twilight came in at only a $37 million negative cost. This notion of a low-cost blockbuster for a start-up studio just doesn't happen often in the film biz. So if the movie lives up to the advance hype, Summit will be sitting on a big new franchise.

Gee, I don't know. Are you sure the soundtrack sales are really an indication of how the movie is going to do? Maybe teenage girls are just clamoring to get this who's-who of the last twenty years of dark angst finally collected on one CD. Maybe they're just excited to find Perry Farrell, Linkin Park, and Collective Soul in one place, and for once that place isn't a sadness clinic. Ever think of that? That Collective Soul just makes great music that everyone still wants to hear as soon as they find out Collective Soul is somehow still around? I hope I hear them tonight on Headbanger's Ball.

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But, how do you know you have a hit?
If your first

..don't you hate me? x)
with all this hype, I bet anyone who read the book is gonna hate this movie...

No ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN "The Killing Moon"?!?!?!? What kind of self respecting Emo-Vampire Teen-Romance Soundtrack do you call yourself TWILIGHT ????
The opposite of Well Played - consider my $9.99 + SHIPPING spent instead on another ticket to 'Exit Speed'

Vampires suck.

Man, I miss Headbangers Ball.

There is no stopping this movie, as long as mankind doesn't have the power to stop the raging hormones of teenage girls.

Collective Soul and Perry Ferrell make dark, angsty music? I must've missed those releases. I swore Collective Soul had "Shine" and "December". In fact, aren't they Christian rock essentially? Paramore? I definitely think dark when I think of them....come on, at least try to know what you're talking about before making a joke.

that Muse song doesn't fit anything I've seen about this movie....

LOL none of the bands/musicians on the soundtrack are what I'd call 'dark'. Angsty, perhaps, dark....no. I mean, COME ON, Iron & Wine has a song on there. If Iron & Wine is dark then Marilyn Manson is a kind, gentle man who loves bunnies and only dates women his own age.

Collective Soul is not Christian music.... but Ed and Dean Roland's father was a preacher if that is what you are referring to.

There are a few Collective Soul songs that go along nicely with these books..... not every chapter of the book is "dark". On Stephanie Meyer's website I believe she has two Collective Soul songs listed.


I LOOOOOVE IT! & so does everyone else that's read it... So it WILL DEFINITELY be a hit!!! Too bad no other man will ever measure up after that book... I guess the only thing us women ever really have to look forward to are the fictional characters in our books. Real live men are so clueless there's just no point!! (Go for battery operated devices ladies they get the job done & they're smarter too :P)

I'M LOVIN IT! & I agree that it's too bad no other man will ever measure up after that book... and that the only thing us women ever really have to look forward to are the fictional characters in our books that will sweep us off our feet and Edward is PERFECT. I love the film too it stay true to major events in the book finally, my boyfriend isn't happy i have watched it several times since it's been out (well i got to drag someone to the cinema with me :p)

can't wait for new moon! already have the 2 disc special edition DVD on pre-order

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