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I Believe in Harvey 'Milk' Trailer. Get It? It's Like Harvey Dent


Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man elected to a public office in the U.S. (though some of the Founding Fathers seemed a bit iffy at times). He was then murdered by a fellow city supervisor who hated Harvey Milk being the first openly gay man elected to a public office in the U.S., because that's the American way. Gus Van Sant has made the story into a biopic starring Josh Brolin, James Franco, Emile Hirsch, Diego Luna, and Sean Penn as Milk, a role that will surely get him Oscar nominations and other prizes made of gold. Here's the trailer:

I still can't get over Hirsch as young Gene Shalit.

  • January 30, 2008
    I knew Sean Penn was going to take on the role of politician and gay rights activist Harvey Milk for Gus Van Sant's Milk, but I had no idea he was going to be playing it as Dustin Diamond. I guess the gay angle would do a lot to explain Screech's willingness to join Zack's vari... / Continue →
  • September 9, 2008
    "Never blend in." Just like Milk never blended in. I mean, actual milk blends into nearly any powder or other liquid with just a light stirring, but not Harvey Milk, and that's the point. I think. I don't actually get the point.... / Continue →
  • February 13, 2008
    From the set of Milk, the Sean Penn-starring biopic on politician/activist Harvey Milk, come the first images of co-star Emile Hirsch in-character, apparently as the young bombardier Gene Shalit. Lucas Grabeel and Emile Hirsch Get Milked [JustJared]... / Continue →
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