Aug 1 2008'Watchmen' Character Posters Might Look Weird Hanging in Your Room


It's that scene where Dr. Manhattan is staring at a wall with his ass gratuitously hanging out!

More characters here.

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I LOVE blue nudity, huge fan. Be it smurf ass, neptunian blue nipples or hyper advanced humanoid/ghost scientists.

That's a hot ass.

I must say the likeness of me in the poster is remarkable!

Lol, I'm in love with the Nite Owl poster....

"It's all crap. Who needs all this hardware to catch hookers and purse-snatchers?"
'From the visionary director of 300....'


hottttt ass!!! lol

These are all (great) recreations of vintage watchmen ads.
The old ads can be found here:

It may be just me... but is that a grammatical error in the quote?

Shouldn't it be "All of us are living in the shadows of Manhattan"?

Or maybe "We are living in the shadows of Manhattan"?

I don't know, it's just me. What do I have to show for but a puny master English Degree... in which I obtain on a Count Chocula cereal box!

No, the grammar is fine. A bit odd, but not incorrect.

Also: when isn't he staring at a wall with his ass hanging out?

Photoshop freaks, I bid you work your magic!

"Nice ass"?


Tight ass

"Visionary" my shiny blue ass.

Does anyone else find it strange that the "visionary" director of 300 first directed a pretty much pro-war comic book movie, and now is directing what I interpreted to be a pretty much anti-war comic book movie?

Also, the grammar in the quote is fine. It's just a bit more romantically stylized ("we are all of us") than what you hear on da street, yo ("us is"). And the reason Manhattan is singular is because that's the naked blue guy's name.

I bet some graphic design artist got paid thousands for this shit. I hate it.

This isn't NSFW for me, because I actually happen to work in a porn company that panders directly to the blue, levitating scientist demographic. It's kind of small, but there's room for growth.

Rorschach is the only one worth anything. Im gonna be him for halloween.

Aw. c'mon, no scientist blue berries hanging? it must be a cold room.

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