Aug 8 2008'Rocky Horror' Remake Spurs Anti-New Rocky Horror/Anti-Keanu Reeves Petition


So you know how MTV is remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and how that's universally regarded as a horrible idea? Well, not everyone is content to sit idly by and let the cult classic become known to a new generation as "that thing where Zac Efron was in drag" (I assume Zac Efron would be involved). Some people are ready to take a stand, and in the laziest way possible: an internet petition. From

Was anyone asking for this?! I mean the original is no cinematic masterpeice but it has retained a sort of dirty do-it-yourself charm. There are no great special effects, there are cheesy sets and a cheesier script. But thats its charm.

And worse yet. They say in this new imagining there will be new songs. Jesus Fucking Christ!!! This abortion will be worse than the usual shit they pour down on our throats.

Oh and The Day The Earth Stood Still remake isn't going to be any better. Not for all the effects in the world or Keanu Reeves playing a robot again. See The Matrix. See Constantine. Really Hollywood stop letting him act please.

Blind rage, irrelevant points, broad insults, an inexplicable attack on Keanu Reeves--even if this petition doesn't work (it probably won't work), at least MTV will know it definitely came from the internet.

Sign the petition here. (Thanks, Jen.)

Reader Comments

It's stupid, it's worthless, and it won't affect a thing.

I've already signed it.

Damn you MTV.

constantine was legit.

(don't tell anyone i said that).

Someone HAS to do this for Cowboy Bebop. Please.

You are STUPID! RETARD! And yet dare to have a blog to spread it. Shame.

KEANU REEVES ROCKS!!!! Long live to him. The guy OWNS!

Asshats-- fucking hollywood writers are nothing but lazy and pathetic. Go piss on something you give a shit about, but leave RHPS alone. Seriously.

Reeves isn't so bad if you find a really good part for him. The Matrix (the first one) was really an ideal role because it meant he got to just be confused and sort of spaced out the whole time, which is what he's really good at. Scanner Darkly was also a great vehicle for him because he got to play a character who is pretty much stoned the whole movie, and has a few good creepy speeches... yeah, it was a pretty good movie, and I liked how he fit into it.

He'll be a fucking good robot, imo.


Just wait for Gone With Da Wind.......

Make that Gone WIT da Wind..

There is no need to remake a film that is still being watched. Think about this, I know people who pay seven dollars several times a month to watch the old one and throw toast at the screen. You can't re-create that... no way no how, it was a serendipity the first time... this is just going to be a disaster and what makes people think they can do better than what came before them, just because you have more money to punp into this nightmare does not mean it will come out better... Besides it was already good... just make something new... I'd love to see a spoof on Rocky Horror. Or an homage to rocky Horror....

who cares if they are making a remake. if you dont want to watch it, then dont. if its the original one you like...then watch that one. let people do as they fucking please. has the world seriously can to this? i mean, fuck, let it go.

Jessica, the reason why some people get vehement over the American remake phenomenon is that it's indicative of the mainstream studios' attitude that the majority of people in this country are just so cunting stupid that we'll swallow anything they hold over our heads and make us beg for. I get into bloguments constantly with the turds obsessed with superheroes and Shtar Warzh because of the overrated and overmasturbated stupidity and lack of style or originality in that overproduced crap, but the idea of squeezing out those cash cows is a couple evolutionary steps above studio dildos making ungodly amounts of blood money doing absolutely nothing more creative than churning out cinematic xerox copies. I also don't want to see the younger generation dumbed down any more than they already are, and remakes always seem to choke all the art out of the movie and come off looking like cardboard puppet shows. (The Ring for example) I know this is coming out fuzzy, but my hangover refuses to go away, no matter what I throw at it. So, no. We won't let it go. I'll let this hangover go, though. You should join us in the anti-remake fight. It;s cool. You get to use words like 'churning' and 'turd' and slip in how much you hate Shtar Warzh.

When I first heard of the potential for a remake I admitedly shuddered. There is a visceral reaction to the word remake because so many of them were done poorly. After mulling it over I think a remake could be done well - the original source material for Rocky is a play that is still being put on regularly. Each producion is essentially a remake of the same story. Some of them are cookie cutter restagings of the movie, or worse of the 2001 broadway production. But some of them are original, innovative and really impressive. So why couldn't the same be said of a filmic reinvention?

The answer is simple - Hollywood's track record. I don't trust hollywood, and especially MTV, to create a good final product. Good remakes are so few and far between. The list of the good ones is miniscule in comparision to the mountains of bad remakes there are out there - even more so when you take into account the ones where the original had a solid following. (Godzilla, Posiedon Adventure, Planet of The Apes, Psycho, War of The Worlds, The Pink Panther, House of Wax - man I only meant to name like 3, but I can keep going!) The fear is that the remake of something beloved is going to wind up to be a lot of glits, with lots of pretty people playing parts they can't live up to and giving a vacant performances, on top of a ton of flashy special effects and a disregard for the original source matrial. Its not unreasonable that the word remake evokes that response - we've been conditioned to it.

My last concern is lets say you find some diamonds in the rough in past history. Of the good ones - and there are a few out there - how many were musicals? I don't mean how many were remade into musicals, I mean how many movie remakes where the original was a musical, did the remake live up to the task at hand? The only thing that comes to mind is Willie Wonka. But they ditched the music for that remake (and added a bizare story line about Wonka's father). But of staged musicals that were remade twice on the big screen? Annie was redone for TV. i suppose that might count. But Annie certainly didn't have the same following Rocky Horror does

Finally - there is one other point missing in all of this. The origianl Rocky Horror is still playing in theatres around the world these days. Every saturday at midnight. and its still attracting crowds. If it ain't broke why try to fix it? Oh thats right - the allmighty dollar. Those same people who go to see the original weekly are going to pay to see the remake too. Even if its out of morbid curiosity, under protest and there is no way they'd like it. And even if they don't like, theres still probably enough collectors out there that would pay for any associated merchandise or DVDs. Its just money waiting to be made - regardless of the actual product. Well thats just plain exploitive!

Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps the remake will be very well done and it will be innovative and refreshing. With the right director and actors and production it might very well be BETTER than the original. I'd love to see that happen. And if theres anything I can do to ensure that happens I will gladly do just that. But I'm not holding my breath.


PS - Keanu Reves doesn't quite have the voice to pull off Dr. Frank N Furter. My money is on someone like Jack White.

Thanks for the link - I've signed the petition and added to the list I'm posting on my anti-remake facegroup.

to quote MTV: "but may also include music not featured in the original"

am I the only person who, while quite sceptical, also thinks that if Richard O'Brien is involved, then these "not included in the original" songs, may, far from being the "new songs" people are ranting at, infact be the material originally cut from the film version, ie "once in a while"

On the other hand, Marylin Manson as an actor from frank is simply dire, and I hope to god that a small mercy will take place and we get someone who's not an overhyped gobshite.

I certainly dont think the film is sacred - let's face it, we've screwed around (literally sometimes) with the film with callbacks and actions - and while I was never lucky enough to see the Tim Curry stage show, I've been fortunate enough to see the Rocky Horror Show with actors like Anthony Stuart Head (yes, Giles from buffy) and Jason Donovan playing Frank, and each has brought a new take on the classic role. I do believe that much as the stage show has evolved over the years, the musical score reworked and production values improved, so a new RHPS might evolve too.

I dont think for a moment that it will have the cult classic status of the original... but it could well be if interest. And once we're familliar with it, what's to stop there being two generations of costumes, callbacks, and half-naked orgies in the back row.

Science Fiction, Double Feature, here we come.

I say we just jump Lou Adler and beat the fucking shit out of him.After all, it is his stupid ass idea....Plus the jackass has the rights to Rocky Horror, which sadly, Richard O'brien doesn't.

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