Aug 26 2008Hey, It's Enik from 'Land of the Lost'


Over at Collider they have the first look at Land of the Lost's Enik (left). CHUD has provided more details on the character:

A time traveling Altrusian lives in the Land of the Lost, a dude by the name of Enik, who guards a time portal (in the original series, at least). Enik could talk and wear clothes, unlike the degraded, devolved Sleestaks.

Wow. I'm a little weirded out right now because, besides the whole time traveling and guarding a time portal thing, this guy sounds exactly like me.

Reader Comments

Enik should be wearing an aluminum foil 'helmet' so Will Farrell can't read his mind. He's a dirty bastard....and he's wearing his 'business socks.'

Please, Nooooooo! Not Will McFerrell again. No doubt Enik is the more personable and intelligent of the two.

McFerrell lol

what's he doing next to Barney's cousin???

He looks more like a corn turd with raisin eyes.

All I remember from the original show was that stop-motion dinosaur, and the hot blonde girl.

I don't remember Enik and when I was wight or whenever, I worshipped that show. I even forced myself to be scared of the dinosaurs.

You wonder why the sleestacks were so scary, I mean their top speed was about 1/2mph at a dead run and those "spears" they had, please, toothpicks at best.

Yet, so, so scary!

The blond chick? I think the jigger bob pet they had called her Hawrie which is very close to whorie.

The only way I'm watching this is if they put Dr. Steel on the soundtrack.

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