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'Rocky Horror' Coming to MTV; Prepare to Shout and Throw Things at Screen


Remember the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Well prepare to forget it! Because MTV is making a hip new version for their cable network that's going to knock the last 30 years of midnight showings out of existence:

MTV is doing the time warp on a remake of 1975 cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Two-hour remake will use the original screenplay by Jim Sharman and Richard O'Brien but may also include music not featured in the original.

I really like that they're using the original screenplay. It's as close as they'll come to admitting "we have nothing new to add to this, but need an excuse to have another girl from The Hills act and sing something." Want to takes bets on how long it will be until we get an announcement for The Rocky Horror Reality Show, in which couples compete for who can stay longest in a transvestite-filled mansion?

(Thanks to R and Snoodle for the tip.)

MTV readies 'Rocky Horror' redux [Variety]

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