Jul 30 2008'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' Trailer


Well, here's the trailer to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, complete with child version of Voldemort. I'm normally pretty unimpressed by the whole typically-creepy, Damien-esque kid thing, but here it sort of works. Knowing this kid will grow up to be a powerful wizard with the head of Bat Boy, you kind of want him to be pretty weird--otherwise, any of our children could be next!

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Garbage. (LOL J/K)

lol Dumbledore looks younger because.....he has a shorter beard? nice.

More gay witchy boy faggotry. Get a life nerds!

I suppose Voldemort differs from the usual lot of demonic children simply because he's pretty unaware of his darkness. He knows he's different, but he's not sure what it means. My issue with demon children films (and demon children in general) is their disturbingly keen sense of self. Their all too aware of their villainy, and it comes across as absurd sometimes (see "Joshua" for a recent example).

Lame. The first 5 movies suck something awful - both as representations of the books and as films - and, after seeing this, there's no hope Half-Blood Prince will be any different.

Not DARK enough!!

I remember the first day of maths in grammar school I sat down with my teacher and he said, "I'm like you. I'm different."

"Prove it," I challenged.

He wrote down a quadratic equation and the blond girl in the front row burst into flames. It was the first day of the rest of my life.

jesus you guys are bashing the hell outta this. I think it looks pretty damn good. My favorite book of the series so i cant wait.

The films have gotten worse and worse. The last one was complete trash - anyone who hadn't read the book would likely have had little to no clue as to what was going on. I'm not optimistic about this one.

And as long as I'm going on about it, I wasn't terribly impressed with anything about Harry Potter. The story and concept is awfully derivative, albeit from several different sources. The series' only saving grace is Rowling's easy, conversational style.

If you dont like it, then you should write produce something better. Oh, thats right, so many more critics than anything else. Though, Im sure you are all just taking a break from your own masterpieces to trash something on a blog.

looks great. cant wait!

I agree w/ #8 - stop bitching that it looks lame. Isn't the Harry Potter series aimed toward a younger demographic anyway? I think they've done a wonderful job adapting the books into films and the actors ability to keep an audience, especially for being all unknowns in the beginning, is pretty remarkable.

All the haters here need to get a life. dont like Harry Potter? Too bad. There are millions and MILLIONS of HP fans out there who love the books AND the movies.

Warner Brothers and JK Rowling are getting the last laugh all the way to the bank.

that being said, the trailer looks good. I'm a bit sick of big budget movies, but I guess I'll go see it.


I can't WAIT for the new Harry Potter movie! Oh I'm so excited...YAY!

Well, whether its good or not, it'll make a lot of money. That's all your point means, Angry Broomstick. There are a lot of fans who will see it anyway. The problem with that is it sort of... gives everyone an incentive to slack, because regardless of the quality of the script, the skill of the acting or the sensitivity of direction, there will be a hefty profit.

It doesn't look too bad, I imagine eventually I will rent it.

Anyone ever find out why he loses his nose? Voldemorte whatever his name is

@17 I think he lost his nose when he gained his new body in the 4th book. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though.

I'm not a fan but I have to admit the trailer looks pretty interesting. Seems like this Albino Abe Sapien backstory will make a much more convincing 'child's descent into darkness' than that of Anakin Skywalker.



dude come on man. yeah it doesn't spoil anything for me but jeez, don't ruin things just because.

Dumbledore sick :-P looks great. i have found another version in the net

Interesting: The kid in this trailer is the nephew of Ralph Fiennes.


you have no fucking idea what you're talking about and your comment has made that absolutely clear. The first move was BY FAR the WORST one of all the movies. It has only gotten better from there.

There seem to be a lot of haters here. The HP films are what they are, take them at face value. Personally I started out hating them but I've been pleasantly surprised at the increasing adroitness with which the films have been made. I think the last film was the best adaptation yet, mainly because it took what I thought was a boring book and kept me interested.

If the films follow the trend of taking increasingly bad source material and converting them into increasingly better films, I'll keep watching.

Meh, #6 was the worst book anyway.

Meh, the problem that I have is that I loved that every films had a diferent aesthecthic because of differetn directors.
The last movies are being directed by the ame guy, and this one feels the same as the last one, which I didn't want to see.

@9 I never read any of the books (which was fun to tell people when i worked in a bookstore) and it made perfect sense to me...

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David Yates is gonna fuck this one up just like he did the last one.
I haven't seen his other work (to my knowledge) but he is the biggest piece of shit director when it comes to Harry Potter.
I really don't know why they got rid of Chris Columbus, I thought he was perfect for the films.

I do have to second the notion that the last (Order of the Phoenix) movie was the worst. While every book-to-movie translation loses a few details and scenes, it pretty much lost 3 or 4 entire characters.

However, I do like that the films are getting increasingly darker; this mirrors the way the books develop, getting more complex and "adult" each time.

Hi, just thought I'd mention that I made a greasemonkey script for Firefox that lets you download the trailers from traileraddict.com.

I found that playing them in my browser would use up craploads of the CPU (especially for the HD trailers), so I wrote this little greasemonkey script to allow me to download the flv file and play it from my desktop.

Thought you guys might find it useful as well.



If you are over the age of 12 and you thought that was cool, go get a life.

The movies will never compare to reading the books, but the visuals are fantastic as usual :)

I used to like Harry Potter... until I realized that the stories are unoriginal and repetitive, full of plot holes, and rely on a deus ex machina for every single ending. And before the story changed from a children's story into a gothic horror tale for goths to make fan fictions about. And before Rowling needlessly killed off nearly all of her characters in her most boring novel yet (the last one) simply for the sake of cruelty (really, they killed HEDWIG people - THE OWL). And before Rowling needlessly announced that Dumbledore was gay for added publicity. And before that book of a twelve-year-old's notebook doodles came out (Tales of Beetle the Bard) and recieved lavishing praise on Amazon, borderlining on worship. And before the last movie came out, which was a yawn-a-minute snore festival (nearly every other scene was just a montage of stuff set to music) even more than all of them have been since they got rid of Chris Colombus and John Williams.

I don't think I like Harry Potter anymore.

@24 I find it amusing that you believe that your opinion is somehow more valid than mine.

@28 Were you taking notes? ;) It may well be because I HAD read the books and was trying all the while to reconcile the film version with the complete story I already had in my head.

@17 & 18 It was to do with the Horcruxes, I believe.

@10 What, your being a cheerleader excepts you from this, "Do better or shut up" rule? You know what? It's alright for you to like it even if others don't - I promise.

@ 20 & 33: nothing better to do then spoil endings for other people?!

If something is good and unique, two things happen: some take their praise and enjoyment too far, and then others backlash against that hype. Don't let others' enjoyment of something color your opinion of it. If you go into something expecting not to like it because "everyone else" does and you find reasons to back up that opinion, you've got your logic backwards.

The movies have all been decent and entertaining, but, sadly, are no substitute for the richness of the books. Looks fun.


Boy #36 way to prove you're the smartest person you know. Don't frickin' watch the stuff if you don't approve. Jeez! Some things are fun for fun sake and don't need to be though of very deeply. Escapism anyone?


I watched all of the first five moves and thought they were great, granted the 2nd one for some reason is the one I really can't get into, but some people had a point about the 5th movie - it was a great movie yes but it also seemed more like as someone put it "nearly every other scene was just a montage of stuff set to music" but still very good movie I think better then some of the others although I would have enjoyed seeing more dialogue. I then read all the books and can't wait to see the new movie, I am more anticipating the last two though, but they should be good, plus I have read dozens of articles out there and they are going to try to keep in as much as possible with the 6th and the 7th book is two movies because they are leaving out no details at least thats what the directors and JK Rowling were qouted on.

By the way those of you who seem so surprised yet thrilled that Emma Watson decided to commit to the last several films are lacking some type of intelligence, they stated before that she had a BINDING CONTRACT to play the role for up to 7 movies, now the eigth movie(2nd half of the 7th book) could technically be played by someone else, but since she is bound by contract no matter how much time she wanted to take before doing the next HP movie she was going to be doing the part and more then likely knows it would be stupid on her part for her viewers and her career to not participate in the last film, so stop acting like she really had a choice in the matter to just say "NO I am not doing the rest of the films it is harming my chances of be cast for anything else".

And for those of you who hate the trailer or the movies or books or just HP all together, understand that people who watch/read/comment actually enjoy it that's why they comment not because they want to be told that HP sucks, cause in all honesty the stories are great and if you have a problem with it then complain to JK Rowling and ask her to do something about it(given her success I doubt she'll care) because you are just bringing everyone down form their happiness of the next movie.

They did a really great job at making a kick ass trailer! I'm sure that the movie will be one of the best yet!!

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